There was a time when I scorned programs which tried too hard to be "user friendly". They ended up losing all their complexity and configurability and half of their utility.

"I don't want dumbed-down fisher-price software! I am a power user. Stop being friendly and just be powerful!" I'd scream at the cathode-tube monitors.

I miss those days now that most apps are actively user-hostile. Developers putting their effort into dark-patterns, tracking and spying, or tricking their users on behalf of their actual customers: the advertisers and data-hoarders.

They still try and take away all the complexity and configurability to give you a simple dumbed-down interface of course. So it's no better. But now the button just shows adverts instead of doing what you'd think it would do and probably also sends back a profile to home-base.

And they put adverts in the start-menu.

Stand up! Say no to user hostility! No to user friendliness! Be the power user. Delete your proprietary apps.

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