In a stunning demonstration of exactly why is necessary, my have decided to start censoring my payments!

I'll be closing the account, obviously. Probably to re-open the dormant Revulot app.

I don't need my bank to tell me what to do with my money.

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She Drew the Gun - Class War (Official Music Video) - YouTube

She Drew The Gun have a new recording - Class War. It's really great.

Bookmarked: Edward Snowden calls for spyware trade ban amid Pegasus revelations | Edward Snowden | The Guardian

Pegasus is phone-tapping software, sold by private companies. Snowdon says:For traditional police operations to plant bugs or wiretap a suspect’s phone, law enforcement would need to “break into somebody’s house, or go to their car, or go to their office, and we’d like to think they’ll probably get a warrant”.But commercial spyware made it cost-efficient for targeted surveillance against vastly more people. “If they can do the same thing from a distance, with little cost and no risk, they begin to do it all the time, against everyone who’s even marginally of interest,”

Today is in the and we see an end to all pandemic restrictions. What's going on? What will happen? This week's reading tries to find out.

We find that the public was being compliant, happily following orders in the hope that by now we would have a new dawn, a bright future led by rational government using data not dates to determine appropriate pandemic control measures.

Instead we have an ideological leader, determined to follow the plan by faith, and by bloody minded adherence to plans.

This will lead to an abundance, which is to say too much. To much socializing, and abundance of viral spread.

The biggest obstacle we will face is our own leaders, focusing on the economy and on getting people back to work in stuffy offices, their focus on jobs and business and the economy.

So the outcome will be that we will need bravery and valour to face the risk adversity and difficulty without, any help from our ideological leaders.

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"This Is Us" [S2 e14 spoilers follow...] 🙈🙈🙈 

😭 😭 😭 😭

What the hell is this show doing to me?

* Buffy when she died the second time.

* When Ten was separated from Rose at that beach.

* Jack Pearson dying in the most fore-shadowed fire you could ever imagine unless it was written inflames.

I don't usually watch this sort of thing.

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Well this just looks brilliant. A full on , running a OS, in the form of a portable games machine with built in screen and controller that'll play games.

I don't really even play non-VR games any more, or barely even leave the house let alone need a portable games machine, and yet I'm filled with desire for it.

I think Richard Heart is about to reveal just how much of the stuff on Etherium is really centralized garbage that might as well have been a SQL database.

He's gonna fork all the tokens into a new proof-of-stake chain, and my guess is almost none of those tokens will actually do the thing they're supposed to do unless they are supported by their parent company's services.

Which presumably they mostly won't be, at least to start with.

Anyway, seems interesting. Looking forward to seeing how it goes.

This week has been into , sort of. So Adam does a reading to try and find out what motives Branson to fly so high only to come back down again.

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I left the flat! Went to see this interactive theatre Doctor Who show thing.

It was great.

Guided between rooms and sliding across time and space to see these live-acted skits between the doctor's monsters. Video stuff from all the doc's faces and voices. Even the dead ones somehow.

Feels like an individual could only possibly see about a third of it. Always missing things in the other rooms.

The Doctor told me not to talk about it but that'd be an awful media strategy for a show so I guess she just meant no spoilers.

The war with the robots actually started in about 1998.

That's when the spam started to get out of control and any unattended login-forms would be filled with spam.

I've been fighting the robots ever since. They get more sophisticated, and we counter with Bayesian trained spam/ham, filters.They start filling in forms, we add "not a robot" tests.

The robots aren't smart enough to program themselves yet, but somehow they are recruiting an army of turncoat humans who betray their species by helping those robots to try dictionary-attacks on login forms or find ways to bypass spam-filters.

How would you face your family if that's what you spent your time doing?

- What did you do in the robot wars of the 21st century grandad?

- Oh, I helped the robots evade the human defences and find ways to fill their email-lists with spam.

Oh well.

/me adds "delete stupid robot registrations" to his todo list on his Nextcloud email-list manager app.

Liked Peter Brooke's cartoon in the Times today. The way our government treats refugees is awful.

Been rebooting every five minutes for an hour to figure out what's doing that. Bah.

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Firefox seems to have started crashing X-Windows when it views a page in reader-mode.

All input stops working. Can't type, can't move the mouse. Not sure about touch-screens coz I don't have one.

I've disabled auto-reader-mode extension and will have to try and remember to not hit Reader-Mode until it's fixed it some way I guess.

Damn. All those adverts and distracting design shit I'm gonna have to see :(

These new street lights are nice and energy efficient, but it is straight up freaky how bad the shadow buffer resolution is now.

New eyes for my lightning node slash lights controller. Replaced broken loudspeaker bulb that makes the squidy head too. And making the screen show lightning balance.

The July digest is here!

Read all the things you read last month again, in case you weren't paying proper attention the first time.

Including: new subscribe-by-email-list!

Ten minute power cut last night seems to have finished off my cpu fan. Proper stuck now. Ordered a new one for "by 10pm" but all day but my hopes to spend the day animating are dashed.

Probably would have failed to do so anyway I suppose.

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