It’s 2020 and this Windows icon is referencing three dead technologies: CRT monitors, CD-ROMs and packaged software.

Managed to get all the monitors onto 1080p again by swapping them around.

Now the wrong monitor shows a display during the boot-up before the display-servers start and swap them back through configuration, but I can live with that.

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Aw fuck. Seem to have had a power-cut during the night and now one of my monitors refuses to go above 1440x990 pixels.

Whichever computer I plug into it.

Bah. No idea how to fix this now.

Why on earth would a power-cut cause a monitor to mis-report it's available resolutions? It won't even turned on during the power outage ffs.


Soon, when current bills are passed, in the UK nobody is above the law.

Unless they are:
* MI5 Agent
* Soldier
* Government Minister

Remember when Labour used to oppose that kind of thing instead of sacking shadow ministers for opposing it?

The Johnson Five's new song.

Don't blame it on the Sun's Trots,
Don't blame it on the Moonshots,
Don't blame it on the Weeks Lost,
Blame it on the public.

The engines fire! And the landing gear works, and the internal doors, and the exit-ramp.

If you can do that thing where you uncross your eyes and stare through the screen then here's a 3d picture for you.

Been actually making a starship for my VR starship project for a change. That's nice.

Here's the two aliens in their observer-pod orbiting the earth. They will star in a short film soon.

Spending the weekend building a VR space-ship. Waiting while it does textue-baking and things quite a lot so practicing with the loop-pedal.

IE: Spending a weekend mostly dancing about singing in my PJs. Hope the neighbours don't mind.

I had no idea what the lyrics to this old "Cud" song could possibly mean when I first heard them. And then years later I found "Bob" and it all made sense.

I also like the line "It seems the time I've spent with you would have been better employed, and all of my life shared with you was totally a void."

Feel a bit jealous of The Prisoner.

His complaint about being the number "7" seems simple compared to mine at being "+44 7739 XXX XXX".

The Hodge and Podge are the two sides of the Universe: the Hodge being Disorderly and Eristic, and the Podge being orderly and Aneristic. They are represented in the Sacred Chao, in which a pentagon signifies the Podge and a Golden Apple the Hodge, and are in constant turmoil; although one side can occasionally gain a temporary victory, neither will ever defeat the other. Thus in history, the Hodge constantly overpowers the Podge, and the Podge then responds and overpowers the Hodge in its turn.

Apparently was a plot by Germany to make Britian cede control of the EU to them, while isolating us outside the common market, dividing our peoples and breaking up the united kingdom.

Listening to Wolfram talking about the double slut experiment.

Sounds great.

I dunno why he says it like that, but I approve.

I wanna do a double slut experiment.

Do you think Keir Stamer expects me to read the things he writes in The Telegraph?

Suppose I'm literally not in the audience he's trying to appeal to, he doesn't care if I read it or not.

The spelling errors in the Telegraph are getting crazy. Here they mis-spell "Brexit" as "EU".

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