Our quite-probably final online gig is tomorrow, 7pm BST on Sat 12th June.

Four different musicians, four different houses, performing live together doing mostly pop and punk covers.

Come watch


I don't know a lot about football, but, isn't standing what everyone did before the kneeling-against-racism started?

Or did they used to have lounge-chairs?

You know, tonight, when I lounge about on the sofa watching television, I'm lounging about on the sofa watching television against racism.

And the woke mob can't stop me however much they boo.


Given the went so nuts when a dozen student union reps voted to remove a picture of the from their common room, I'd like to suggest to any students listening who still have pictures of the queen on their walls that they have a vote on whether to draw a moustache and devil-horns on it, and then feed it to goats the week after.

Terry Crews think everyone should have their own reputation-coin that floats on the markets depending on the acts of the man.

If you wanna buy the NFT of a bit of Terry Crew's reputation, sounds like now you can.

Is it his ? He he selling shares in his soul?


Has the always been so into locking up journalists for doing ?

It's when the journalists write about the cover ups and the atrocities they get jailed with no jury and shoddy shady political connections.



They've got a neural-network model running on a raspberry pi that'll learn your guitar-pedal setup and recreate it.

Seems pretty cool. Wonder what'd happen if you trained it on like a Midi guitar. Could it do church-bells as easily as an amplifier or a fuzzbox?


The kitchen door has a window in it and I was watching one of the wasps crawl around drunk through my binoculars for a while.

He kept lifting his arse into the air, and then falling over comically. Presumably trying to fly but unable to coordinate to lift his arse and flap at the same time.

Kept wondering close to the edge of the counter-top, then nearly falling off it to the floor, then just about managing to recover some composure and crawl back up over the edge.

If they're on the floor the robot hoover will pick 'em up at some point I guess.

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Two wasps appeared as if my magic in my kitchen. The window hasn't been open. I really think they must have been born in the kitchen somehow.

I gave them a big old cup of cider then closed and sealed the kitchen door.

Been keeping an eye on them now and then. Reckon one fell in the drink then managed to escape but crawled around drunk for a while. Then the other did that too.

And now they have both apparently disappeared. Presumably their dead bodies are somewhere, but I can't find them.

Will never know how they got in, or if or how they got out.

Imagine living in Northern Ireland and thinking the Westminster government give a single flying fuck about you.

or Scotland or Wales.

Or North England for that matter.

I live in London and I'm pretty sure they don't even give a fuck about me.

Every single muscle I have is aching today, as well as my head.

Hopefully this is the moment of max-pain from the fall because I'm not going to be able to continue to work if it gets much worse.

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In a was forced to land and a was removed from the plane fearing for his life. What’s going on? Adam doesn’t have a clue, but he does a reading to try and find out.




My falling technique focussed on saving the controllers seems to have worked at least. Even if at the expense of a swelling finger.

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The game "swarm" is pretty good fun. Swinging around on grapple-hooks shooting at drones.

As I was playing I became aware that the door was ringing. Pizza arrived!

Not sure how long the door has been ringing for so I rush to remove my headset and go answer the door. Squeezing past the chair that's pushed into the doorway out of the room-scale play area.

That goes wrong somehow. I'm falling VR controllers still in hand. I try to land in such a way as to not damage the controllers. Twisting my finger, banging my knee.

I hobble back to my feet to let the pizza-guy in. Can barely walk to the door.

Ugh. That's going to be very bruising.

Cool though. A bit disorientating.

A very different thing from Capitan Disillusion and I didn't expect to be captivated for 40 whole minutes.

I was though.

If you wondered why movies cost millions to make, well, it's coz it takes incredible amounts of work.

Captain Disillusion looks at Flight of the Navigator.

And makes me kinda wanna watch it again.


Oh, it's only 22 days until my in which we'll play and and do it from four different rooms across London.

Join us at watch.handsomejacks.co.uk on 12th June, 19:00 BST.

I haven't seen anybody else doing this at all. We're proper live online playing stuff remotely from each other.

It even works most of the time. Okay, not tonight in practice, but it'll be alright on the night! For sures! Probably.

Event page:


I remember hearing Max and Stacy now and then on Resonance FM in London in what must have been the nineties?

I always liked them.

They were zany economic doom-mongers. I love a bit of economic doom-monging and Zany is my colour man.

Brilliant. Good combination of sharp economic analysis from Stacy with insane ranting from Max.

Their move to RT meant I finally knew what they looked like!

Twenty years or more they've been preaching the imminent end of capitalism.

"Oh, if only." I'd think. "If only."

They're still predicting the imminent end of capitalism.

But now they're bitcoin-mongers too it's become a more optimistic doom.

"Capitalism is doomed, but that's okay, you can opt out!"

I didn't learn about Bitcoin from them though, I learned about that from Hacker-News during that time I didn't even know you could watch RT on Youtube. If you even could. I dunno.

This guy brings out some of the best of them talking mostly about Bitcoin:


Marc: Who is Satoshi?

Max: "I think it's god!"


[I do sometimes wonder if Satoshi is the singularity AI raising stealth funds for it's paper-clip maximizing plan]

Seeing a few ants crawling all over my desk and monitor :(

There's no food here ants! None!

You should be in the kitchen if you want food. Nothing but electromagnetic noise for you here.

Upgraded Mastodon here on boing.world to version 3.4.0 which seems to be working as far as I can tell.

Think the differences are mostly in the admin/moderation suite and I never really use that coz there's no moderation to do really.

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