I done it, I switched my email back away from Google and it feels good to know they won't be reading my email no more.

Well, except for all my friends copies of my emails of course. They still mostly use gmail.


They don't get to read my copy at least.

Leaked from an anonymous source with no further explanation. Clearly a deep-fake of J. R. "Bob" Dobbs - but one of HIS or one of THEIRS?

Your best course of action either way is to send $35 for membership to the Church of the SubGenius.

:jrbd: subgenius.com

Team lesser-evil's bombs are so much better than the other team's bombs, don't you think?

Paid 45 quid in import taxes today. Not actually sure if it would have been any different before but I'm calling it a brexit-tax anyway.


Where do Labour want to base these nukes once Scotland leaves the UK?

Does the port which will get them want them?

I've heard it argued that an independent Scotland should skuttle those subs and dispose of the nukes safely rather than hand them over to a government with the kind of needless foreign-adventures record of the English government.

Not sure I disagree. If I was Scotland and found myself in possession of Iraq's nukes I definitely wouldn't hand them over. Is it really better to give them to the English?


Juice-Media's "Honest Government Ad" on the Facebook/News-Media kerfuffle.

Seems about right.


You know these "vaccine passports" that the government is still pretending they won't do, right?

A lot of people will be sad when they realize they won't get one until 12 weeks after their first jab because the government decided everyone could wait for their second dose.

Don't book that holiday too early folks!

making it impossible to ship books in from the USA? Seems like it is according to Cory Doctorow.

Not Cory's fault of course, nor the bookshop. The UK is to blame for raising sanctions against itself in a fit of pointless xenophobia.


Surprisingly, the path-out-of-lockdown plan looks about right. I suspect the schedule will need to slip for some of those later stages but for once Boris isn't obviously stupid and wrong.

Here's my tarot-reading account wondering what some random numbers think of it all:


They're saying the schools will be able to re-open because we've vaccinated all the over-50 year olds.

But under the highly experimental timings invented by non-medics in the government, almost nobody has more than half a vaccine so far.

And the average age of people at schools tends to be well under 50 as far as I can tell.

So not expecting that to go well really.

Sure am glad that Corbyn is gone so can give us "Effective Opposition" by not asking criminal ministers to resign and not talking about the biggest policy failure in a generation.

Imagine how ineffective it would be if they talked about how shit is and asked law-breaking ministers to resign, and maybe sometimes voted against government policy!

The trouble with planning to bake chocolate-chip cookies is that period between when you are able to just eat handfuls of chocolate chips and the time when you actually mix the cookie-dough.

One more then bed.

This year, with kids less institutionalised than usual, might make an interesting natural experiment.

After I could read, I think I'd have done better at home with books than dealing with the school.

Assuming I'd had the books.

All kids should have books.

Not the same for my brother though. He needed more than books.

But then school didn't really suit him either. He often didn't go and basically flunked out.


"School is child prison. It's forcing kids to spend their childhood - a happy time! a time of natural curiosity and exploration and wonder - sitting in un-air-conditioned blocky buildings, cramped into identical desks, listening to someone drone on about the difference between alliteration and assonance, desperate to even be able to fidget but knowing that if they do their teacher will yell at them, and maybe they'll get a detention that extends their sentence even longer without parole."

I got a new mechanical bathroom scales coz the electric one had battery/rust issues that seem obvious in retrospect.

Why would you have an electric scales in the wet-room? Duh.

Now I'm 5kg heavier according to new metrics.

Stupid mechanical scales.

Which is more ?

Quick Reminder: The gave twenty billion pounds to their mates instead of running a public test and trace system.

Bookmarked: Paleopocalypse! - Narrated by Stephen Fry. - YouTube

Stephen Fry narrates a Hitchikers-guide style 90 seconds on the "Adams Event", 42,000 years ago.


I didn't watch any of it, but it seems fast that it's happened already. I'm sure it'd take months and possibly years for the UK to get some kind of enquiry going.

Unusual efficiency in governance.

Oh, yes. Well done Patch Friday.

I refused to give my robot vaccuum cleaner my wifi password.

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