Watched The Tourist, from the BBC and partners. A memory-loss thriller.

Thing about memory loss stuff is, well, he remembers what a phone is and what an address is but not what Simon and Garfunkle are and if I were a character in the show I'd spend so long asking him what he didn't and didn't remember we'd still be doing it by episode six.

Do you know what a Light Saber is? Do you know what Star Wars is? You seem to remember what a gun is, do you remember seeing that scene in Pulp Fiction and could you stop pointing a gun at me in a car please.

Good fun show though.

I think this is the best angle. You can see the lights reflected in each window in a faint infinite-mirror effect.

Blog version:

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So anyway. No. I probably won't come into the office to hot-desk in a pit. Thanks for the offer though.

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I don't think the glue/cement I got is going to be up to the job of sealing the frame into the hole. It's not in danger of falling out right now but it might as the spring stretches the wood or whatever makes these things creak.

I guess some kind of window-putty is probably a thing. I can embed more LED strips in it to frame the window.

I have confirmed that a lower voltage will make the fans spin slower and less noisily so a variable-voltage power supply is in the list.

Doubt I'd get around to wiring the fans into individual switches.

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Here's the close-up view with the server added back in.

People don't buy jigsaws, they buy 70cm square holes.

I wonder if I will ever need a jigsaw again. Still. New quest item in the inventory.

Don't worry, I only came within millimeters of jigsawing through a mains cable to death once.

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And then you drill a small hole. But find the drill's battery is flat so you can't use it. So you waste an hour waiting for the battery to charge and then drill a hole.

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Having built the window it's time to cut a hole. You start with a template.

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Love this. Power metal song about the inflationary pressures created by the tooth fairy.

Pretty sure the tooth fairy here is an allegory.

What could it possibly be referring to? 🤔

My weeklyish tarot reading is here! I did one on the BBC.


While flailing around for red-meat/dead-cat for their supporters, ’s has attacked the .

A reading.

Turns out there are balances to government that can also shape the way the BBC changes into a leaner more free organisation.

Morning all! It's been live 12 hours and my new #360 is still topical and relevant.

You should totally check it out!

There's a flat-screen cut too if you've not got a headset.

Spending half a million quid of our money on an ad-campaign to try and make us hate end to end encryption is quite something.

Even if it worked, what's the end game there? Moxie isn't gonna put back-doors in Signal for the UK. Are they gonna ban it from the app-store? Imprison anyone who side-loads it?

Every move the fucking make is designed to make me less free with a less rich social service and less democratic society.

I'll leave this in plain-test for you, you bastards: Fuck these fucking fuckers.

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