Our promises

We don't track you, we don't advertise at you, we don't get all up in your business unless you start to bring the instance into disrepute. We're all just friends here.

But we also can't promise other people in the fediverse won't try to do that. We recommend a pseudonym. Using your real name here would just be stupidly inviting trouble for no reason.

This is non-commercial stuff, not for a profit, just for friends. If it starts to get expensive we'll pass a hat around. If it starts to get legally hot we'll shut the whole thing down.

Code Of Conduct

Be excellent to each other. No bullying. No harassing. Seriously. Assume everyone is a heartbroken wreck in need of comfort, coz people mostly are.

Boing.world is part of the Fediverse, and servers on the Fediverse can be ostracized and cut out by the other groups if they decide that the forum isn't moderated adequately.

If you risk our server's standing in the Fediverse, we will boot you. That includes your spreading your conspiracy-bullshit.

Your Promises

  • Use the "cw" content-warning button for: Spoilers, posts-over 500 characters, common-triggers like sex or violence or politics.
  • If posting a thread, post the first as "public" and the replies as "unlisted"
  • Not calling people names
  • Not being racist or sexist or otherwise pointlessly judgemental.
  • You will never reveal the real-life identity behind a boing.world handle.
  • Just chill, don't be so angry.


If reports come I'll try to respond within seven days if accompanied with a call for action (example: 'remove this post').

Please provide contact info to allow for reply.

Any report without a call to action will be considered for information purposes only and may not receive a response.

Between us, we know everyone here, and they are cool. Honest. It's probably a misunderstanding. If you're calm and patient and they are wrong, you'll convince them of it.


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