Last night a protest against increased powers to shut down protests kicked off in saw fighting between cops and people in the .

What happened?

We ask the

We get a reading very focused on human will.

This week in the , MPs are debating the ", Crime, Sentencing and Reports" , designed to crack down on protest.

Adam did a reading to investigate.

The British invented the police, the good old British bobby.....

Today ​ Johnson gave parliament his plan for ending ​ in the UK. He suggests a four stage plan in which each stage's effect are assessed before the next stage can begin. So we do a ​ reading to examine that.

On the day that social networking app ​ comes back online after a forced hiatus, we do a ​ reading on it's future....

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To celebrate, Adam did a reading on International Relations.

The history of the countries of the world was driven by independence and individuality (the fool). The naive and foolish countries would need marriage and children to bind their countries together.

But good international relationships bring hidden rewards: (3 Cups) Abundance, bountiful inventiveness from cross-pollination, the wealth of opportunity abroad.

So courageous leaders (Knight Wands) brought courage and aspiration, applied risk-taking and game-theory to develop new ways for countries to relate.

Leading us now into the world-order driven by money (ace pentacles) which moderates the independence of nations and encourages cooperation, and investment.

It looks like these trends will continue into the future if we can find informed educated leaders (King Cups) who can communicate and teach, boosting knowledge of each country’s culture and bringing gentleness and generosity to international relations.

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This week Adam noticed that Johnson is planning to visit to save the union! Not the Union, obviously, the Union of the .

We ask the how that’ll go.

The cards tell us that the the history of Scotland’s place in the UK has been one of betrayal and debauchery. They’re abused and suppressed and many turned to drunkenness and decadent laziness. They are currently feeling dejected, and remorseful at their betrayal by this Vote Leave government. They are disappointed and regretful.

They have a plan for the future though: a stand-alone country with rulers who are pragmatic and decisioned. Rationalists and artists and thinkers rather than whatever this Brexit government is.

But here comes Boris, bringing an intervention! He cases strife and contradiction and upheaval. He brings with him the full power of the British state: Cation and conservatism and hard power!

But his obstacle though is the romance of a new state itself, the mystery and air of possibility that will be conjured by the idea of a new free Scotland.

The final outcome will be change. But a scientific synthesis of ideas. Perhaps independence, yes, but with some way to retain Scotland’s old ties to the British union. Perhaps dual citizenship for all or some other fusion of ideas.

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A tarot reading in which ask what to expect from the Presidential Inauguration on Wednesday.

The cards give us a history of democracy:

Society hopes for smart, well spoken, reasonable and powerful leaders, like the Queen of Swords. So society uses the science of arithmetic and voting to force the battling parts of it’s society into a truce.

This makes the dreadfulness of swiftness less important, giving more importance the hermit’s thoughtful enlightenment.

Historically, this has worked well, and we have indeed had eloquent and calming leaders.

But at the moment we have had some cruelty. There has been deception, desperation.

The inauguration represents some new hope, a new political project full of the energy and potential of the Ace of Wands.

In the end though, the wheel of future continues to turn. The democrats may have won this time, but the Republican’s time at the top of the wheel will come again. Perhaps in four years. Perhaps in ten, but fortunes always reverse in the end.

Happy new year friends.

For the first Word Cloud Tarot Show of 2021, we did a reading on what to expect from the new year.

The cards tell us that the people desire completion, they desire unity and strength and an end to the trials of the last year or so.

The year will see many safety precautions and hazard protections to keep the air clear.

It will seem to go quickly, with a swiftness and manifesting much dreadfulness. Watch out for lots of bankruptcy and institutional collapse during the next twelve months, but there will also be hope in seclusion and well-being in solitude.

Remember the the year will contain glamour and joy too.

With the Boris Grinch cancelling all travel and issuing stay at home orders over much of the population, is it still possible to have a ?

We ask the cards and find that Christmas has been a very long-running festival of renewal and rebirth and fulfillment (20 Trumps, Aeon), but that this year the hidden influence of well-spoken resourceful and eloquent nuanced scientists (11 Cups Page) along with the influence of faith, reason, economics and compassion (2 Trumps, Priestess) have lead to an act of cruelty leaving many Christmases hopeless and anxious, worried and afraid (9 Swords, Cruelty).

But do not despair! New technological ideas and advances in Christmas innovation (Ace Swords) mean that it should be possible to have a Merry Christmas, even if you’re home alone like I will be.

Hope you all have a very merry xmas, and we’ll be back with a new year show next year.

In this week's show we ask if the Boosts over the last month were worth it and if we should continue ?

The cards say "no", so it's up to you folks and the power of love to subscribe and like and share etc instead ;)

This week's reading asks what is going on with ?

The cards suggest that the fortune of market cycles will continue, and the future of Bitcoin looks prudent.

It’s the start of and with the turning of the month comes the tricky annual question: What the hell should I buy everyone for ?

And so we turn to the .

It suggests firey people may like watches or clocks or epoch-defining items like Bitcoin or Virtual Reality.

It suggests Airy people may like holidays, or travel-cards, or bicycles, or a bike or e-kart.

We find that Earthy grounded people may prefer straight up cash, or excercise equipment, a gym membership, or natural hand-made products.

We find that Watery people may like joke-books or novelty gifts, or they may want a telescope to help with their observations.

Spiritual people may like books, or a class at a college, or some holy relics like worry beads or a religious hats.

And of course everyone, whatever their elemental sign, may well like a pack of the easiest tarot cards to read in the whole world: The Wordcloud Tarot Deck.

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Yes. I did forget to mention that in the actual video. Doh.

As deadline after deadline passes in talks with little sign of progress, Adam does a reading on the prospects for a Brexit deal.

We find that the UK’s membership on the EU was based on mutual wealth from diversity, but some though this relationship too one-sided, as though the EU was ruling over the UK. The desired change. Their hidden agent, an introverted workaholic knight motivated by industry and finance helped to bring us to this point of strife in a trade deal between the UK and the EU.

The cards suggest the outcome will serve justice. For the sake of decency and civil leadership, for fairness and integrity, the negotiations will find agreement. Maybe even this week.

In this weeks reading I address a common question I get asked: How does the tarot work?

We discover that a reader approaches a spread with an expectation, a will. With goals in mind (King Wands).

The process is a cooperation between the random cards and the reader’s experience (Ace Pentacles).

The cards meanings, as taught and honed by the institution and history of tarot-reading (Heirophant), are recalled by the reader as they examine the spread.

They anticipate and explore those meanings, looking for contentedness and epiphany (Universe).

This subconsciously filters the randomness of the cards through the will and expectation of the reader to produce a final reading (Priestess).

The result then isn’t magic, or supernatural, or random, but is a synthesis of ancient wisdom and the reader’s intuition formed subconsciously during the process.

The headlines tell us that a vaccine with 90% effectiveness has shown itself free of side-effects in a trial. The stock-markets have jumped, and people ponder a path back to normal life.

In today's reading we find that the hope that the vaccine can stop the death, worry and hard-slog caused by the virus will likely lead to disappointment. The science may be sound, but the people's passions and superstitious may be the obstacle. Still, the cards indicate this may be overcome leading long-term to a significant far-reaching innovation.

On Monday Adam read the cards and found that the could be decided not by the , but by the influence of established powers.

Tonight, President Trump commits to legal challenges all over the USA.

What will happen next?

The cards have a suggestion who will the next president. Tune in to know who it will be.

With the election imminent, this week Adam introduces a “battle spread” in his tarot reading on the result of the American 2020 election.

He finds that Trump’s campaign has been strong, while Biden has been more hidden and hermit-like.

We suspect that in the last few hours Trump may pull out the domestic vote while internal strife may rock the Biden campaign.

But who will win? In the end, the cards suggest that may not be determined directly by the vote, but by the deliberations of institutional power.

Good luck America, here’s hoping for a peaceful transitional period.

In this week's show, Adam does a reading on free and finds that our society has been failing it's children, leaving them hungry and sluggish. But a brave and humble teacher who has known what it's like to go hungry has appeared to shine the light on the present moment. However, our MPs are used to luxury, they are unaware or indifferent to the suffering of hungry children and this will all lead to death. Perhaps not of the children themselves, but perhaps a death of a good diet and hopefully the ending of this government.

Today’s is on the . It would seem that progress is stalled, and both side are demanding the other compromise if there is to be a deal. The UK government is talking of accepting an “Australian style” lack of trade-deal, but is that just talk?

The reading suggests that although the UK wants to leave and become a hermit, and there is a battle between the powers at the moment, there is hope for peace in the future. The right arbitrator can end the strife and bring happiness to both sides to broker an enlightened democratic mandate.

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