Today is in the and we see an end to all pandemic restrictions. What's going on? What will happen? This week's reading tries to find out.

We find that the public was being compliant, happily following orders in the hope that by now we would have a new dawn, a bright future led by rational government using data not dates to determine appropriate pandemic control measures.

Instead we have an ideological leader, determined to follow the plan by faith, and by bloody minded adherence to plans.

This will lead to an abundance, which is to say too much. To much socializing, and abundance of viral spread.

The biggest obstacle we will face is our own leaders, focusing on the economy and on getting people back to work in stuffy offices, their focus on jobs and business and the economy.

So the outcome will be that we will need bravery and valour to face the risk adversity and difficulty without, any help from our ideological leaders.

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This week has been into , sort of. So Adam does a reading to try and find out what motives Branson to fly so high only to come back down again.

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Matt had his hand on his assistant’s arse and she liked it for some reason but he resigned anyway. How will a change of Health minister affect the ?

Adam does a reading to find out.

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Today is so Adam does a reading and finds that its just a way for powerful people to convince the masses to ignore their satiety and seek out false justice through the purchase of material goods.

Who'd have thought.

In a was forced to land and a was removed from the plane fearing for his life. What’s going on? Adam doesn’t have a clue, but he does a reading to try and find out.


has been at war with this week so Adam does a five minute reading to examine what on earth Elon is thinking.

We find that while Elon generally likes to be focused on swiftly accelerating progress, he has shareholders, a board, directors. They can force him to relinquish control and to capitulate and disown Bitcoin.

He also has debt and creditors and is tied to the existing fiat money system, they too can use threats like bankruptcy and redundancy to force Elon to their will.

These combined influences interfere with Elon's usual direct swiftness, causing him to give illogical statements, irrational pronouncements and unplanned actions that isolate and self-sabotage him.

The result is the cruelty we see in the markets, with fear, anxiety and desperation causing this price-drop and much more gloom and discouragement to come.

Unfortunately the Tarot does not reveal how much longer the cruelty and deception will continue.

Today's reading on results:

The country is ruined, democracy is supposed to save us but it's been debauched by the the influence of wealth and the idiocy of the electorate which will surely lead to the downfall of the UK.

After last week's successful prediction that the Football Super-league would be killed by fans, this week Adam's ​ reading is about the battle between ​ and ​, between ​ and ​, as we ask: Which lying liar lies the most?

This week the Industry has announced plans to form a ! Is this good news? Bad news? Will it work?

Adam knows nothing about football so he turns to the cards for any indication.

Last night a protest against increased powers to shut down protests kicked off in saw fighting between cops and people in the .

What happened?

We ask the

We get a reading very focused on human will.

This week in the , MPs are debating the ", Crime, Sentencing and Reports" , designed to crack down on protest.

Adam did a reading to investigate.

The British invented the police, the good old British bobby.....

Today ​ Johnson gave parliament his plan for ending ​ in the UK. He suggests a four stage plan in which each stage's effect are assessed before the next stage can begin. So we do a ​ reading to examine that.

On the day that social networking app ​ comes back online after a forced hiatus, we do a ​ reading on it's future....

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To celebrate, Adam did a reading on International Relations.

The history of the countries of the world was driven by independence and individuality (the fool). The naive and foolish countries would need marriage and children to bind their countries together.

But good international relationships bring hidden rewards: (3 Cups) Abundance, bountiful inventiveness from cross-pollination, the wealth of opportunity abroad.

So courageous leaders (Knight Wands) brought courage and aspiration, applied risk-taking and game-theory to develop new ways for countries to relate.

Leading us now into the world-order driven by money (ace pentacles) which moderates the independence of nations and encourages cooperation, and investment.

It looks like these trends will continue into the future if we can find informed educated leaders (King Cups) who can communicate and teach, boosting knowledge of each country’s culture and bringing gentleness and generosity to international relations.

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This week Adam noticed that Johnson is planning to visit to save the union! Not the Union, obviously, the Union of the .

We ask the how that’ll go.

The cards tell us that the the history of Scotland’s place in the UK has been one of betrayal and debauchery. They’re abused and suppressed and many turned to drunkenness and decadent laziness. They are currently feeling dejected, and remorseful at their betrayal by this Vote Leave government. They are disappointed and regretful.

They have a plan for the future though: a stand-alone country with rulers who are pragmatic and decisioned. Rationalists and artists and thinkers rather than whatever this Brexit government is.

But here comes Boris, bringing an intervention! He cases strife and contradiction and upheaval. He brings with him the full power of the British state: Cation and conservatism and hard power!

But his obstacle though is the romance of a new state itself, the mystery and air of possibility that will be conjured by the idea of a new free Scotland.

The final outcome will be change. But a scientific synthesis of ideas. Perhaps independence, yes, but with some way to retain Scotland’s old ties to the British union. Perhaps dual citizenship for all or some other fusion of ideas.

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A tarot reading in which ask what to expect from the Presidential Inauguration on Wednesday.

The cards give us a history of democracy:

Society hopes for smart, well spoken, reasonable and powerful leaders, like the Queen of Swords. So society uses the science of arithmetic and voting to force the battling parts of it’s society into a truce.

This makes the dreadfulness of swiftness less important, giving more importance the hermit’s thoughtful enlightenment.

Historically, this has worked well, and we have indeed had eloquent and calming leaders.

But at the moment we have had some cruelty. There has been deception, desperation.

The inauguration represents some new hope, a new political project full of the energy and potential of the Ace of Wands.

In the end though, the wheel of future continues to turn. The democrats may have won this time, but the Republican’s time at the top of the wheel will come again. Perhaps in four years. Perhaps in ten, but fortunes always reverse in the end.

Happy new year friends.

For the first Word Cloud Tarot Show of 2021, we did a reading on what to expect from the new year.

The cards tell us that the people desire completion, they desire unity and strength and an end to the trials of the last year or so.

The year will see many safety precautions and hazard protections to keep the air clear.

It will seem to go quickly, with a swiftness and manifesting much dreadfulness. Watch out for lots of bankruptcy and institutional collapse during the next twelve months, but there will also be hope in seclusion and well-being in solitude.

Remember the the year will contain glamour and joy too.

With the Boris Grinch cancelling all travel and issuing stay at home orders over much of the population, is it still possible to have a ?

We ask the cards and find that Christmas has been a very long-running festival of renewal and rebirth and fulfillment (20 Trumps, Aeon), but that this year the hidden influence of well-spoken resourceful and eloquent nuanced scientists (11 Cups Page) along with the influence of faith, reason, economics and compassion (2 Trumps, Priestess) have lead to an act of cruelty leaving many Christmases hopeless and anxious, worried and afraid (9 Swords, Cruelty).

But do not despair! New technological ideas and advances in Christmas innovation (Ace Swords) mean that it should be possible to have a Merry Christmas, even if you’re home alone like I will be.

Hope you all have a very merry xmas, and we’ll be back with a new year show next year.

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