This week Sunak has been in the news because it turns out the whole time he’s been living in number 11, him and his wife haven’t been proper UK residents. He’s got a , she’s a . What does that all mean?

@pre does a reading to find out.

This week has bought a large stake in making him the largest shareholder of all.

Why would he do that?

Watch Adam's five minute reading to find out.

This week and have visited tropical islands and as a result each island in turn decided to end the monarchy.

So should the UK end the ? Adam does a five minute reading to find out.

This week Julian ’s appeal has been denied, so we ask the cards: How can the UK claim to be a free country while it imprisons journalists for exposing the of it’s allies?

Watch my three minute reading.

Last time the cards suggested that in could be averted by diplomatic intervention. That turned out not to be true, but what about this week?

Watch our four minute tarot reading.

Everyone's saying will invade but will they? Nobody knows. Might as well ask the

New four-minute lightning-format tarot show

Sue 's is out, sort of, the bits the cops haven't asked her to hide at least.

Adam does a reading in a new lightning-format three-minute show to figure out what went on and find can't survive!

While flailing around for red-meat/dead-cat for their supporters, ’s has attacked the .

A reading.

Turns out there are balances to government that can also shape the way the BBC changes into a leaner more free organisation.

Happy new year! This week, my drains stopped draining and started filling the bath with stinky brown water instead. What a calamity! Will I need to call a plumber tomorrow? What ever will become of me?

I did a reading to find out.

Merry everyone! Good luck out there.

I thought I’d do a little ten-minute preview of #2022 for you with with a new reading.

They’re calling it the best show of the year. This is the one to watch for a boost! Good news!

Follow @wordcloudtarot for more.

Or follow me, I post most of 'em here too. At least boost. But this account is more chatty. Talks about other stuff.

Merry everyone! Good luck out there.

I thought I’d do a little ten-minute preview of #2022 for you with with a new reading.

They’re calling it the best show of the year. This is the one to watch for a boost! Good news!

Been ages since a show, I know. Did one today, but it's recorded wrong and looks and sounds terrible so I'm scrubbing it.

Sorry. Hopefully next week.

This week the world's government's ended their meeting at and agreed on a statement. Did it go far enough?

Or was it just a ?

We did a five minute reading to find out.

After a short absence, we return to do a five minute reading about and and why Zuck decided to make the change.

Watch the ten minute show below.

This week an was sadly stabbed to death, and some are calling for an end to internet in order to address this.

Adam does a reading to figure out why.

Watch the five minute show:

No show today, internet connection is broken due to hostile squirrel action so couldn't upload it very easily. Hopefully next week.

The is in crisis again, this time over fuel shortages and panic buying as stations all over the country run out of .

@pre does a reading to investigate.

Watch the five minute video show or read the transcription here:

The sector is in crisis, energy companies are going bankrupt, wholesale prices are up 200 percent!

What’s going on? We do a reading to find out.

Watch the video:

This week quit so we did a reading to try and understand what he’s thinking.

We find that Neil joined GB News to try and deal out justice. He wanted to impartially judge the woke mob, to magistrate with reliability and humility and respect.

He was secretly hoping it would make him happy. He had loyalty and confidence in Fox and Murdoch and really seems to have accepted their assurances that GBNews would help him with the justice project.

But hidden in the background was the devil. Now this card doesn’t necessarily litterally mean the devil, but in this case it may actually represent Murdoch, or Farage, or some devillish figure. Ignorant and deceptive, all they wanted to do with push lies and doubt and dehumanize people to promote profit and conflict.

Which leads to this moment: The Hanged Man. Andrew Neil quitting. Disavowing his interest in the channel, ceding control to the devil.

The outcome of all this wil be satiety. A divoce between the extremes like Fox and Murdoch, and Neil’s own quest for Justice against Social Justice.

And also Satiety for all of us, we have had enough of Neil and we’ve had enough of Murdoch, and Farage, and GB News, and hopefully with this new announcement they will all fade away into happy saited obscurity.

Tune in next time:

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Extinction Rebellion are doing protests about and , building a giant pink round-table and blocking traffic.

But will it actually affect the Climate Conference in November?

Adam does a reading to find out.

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