Went to Blue Dot last weekend. It was really good fun. Lots of space-talks and physics talks and also lots of music and ale and cider.

Highlights include:

Andrew O'Neill's History Of Metal, in which he described how the music genre evolved from blues and the Beatles to Death Thrash, illustrating it with his guitar. Hilarious.

Tim Peake the spaceman telling us about being on the space station.

The band "Henge", who are aliens and have a tentacle monster for a drummer a venusian bassist and a lead with a plasma ball on his head. They play psychedelic synth rock. Never heard of them before but they were great, may well go to a show.

The bloody great big telescope dominating the entire site.

Public Service Broadcasting, replacing the ill Spirtualized, but with a similar vibe and old public broadcast video clips.

Crowd were all good fun and appropriately geeky. Someone said it's full frontal nerdity and that's good and correct.

Expect to be back at some point.

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