I went to a water-park on Thursday. Good fun with friends heading up the stairs then sliding back down again.

The last one really winded me, face-down, tobogganing through the tube, skipping along the water at the end.

Flew home with an increasingly hurt ribs that have become more and more troublesome since.

Seems likely I cracked or at least badly bruised them.

Can't really bandage or split a chest while also disabling breathing so seems there's not much the health systems can do other than offer pain killers and suggest staying mostly upright.

Three to six weeks of that they reckon.

Hope it's the low-end, I can't go to Glasto if it's still like this in five weeks.

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Last night was pretty rotten. Think I've given up on the bed. Trying to sleep sitting up on the sofa for a few days then.

@pre Aargh I had something similar, was in pain whenever I moved. Mine was a lot better after a couple of weeks tho. It's annoying when they do the "we're not bothering with an X-ray 'cos there's fuck all we can do with a cracked rib anyway" thing.

@TheoEsc Yeah, I haven't even gone to see 'em coz I know they'd say that.

Here's hoping I can get better even faster than you did!

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