Free speech is great and we need as much of it as we can get! Really.

It's how we find the good ideas and expose the bad ones. It's very urgent and needed.

But if people shout down and harass people for saying certain things, or believing certain, things or being certain things, then you have *less* free speech, not more.

Having anyone cowed into silence reduces the odds of finding those good ideas and exposing the bad ones.

But people do love to shout at each other. Especially if you force them into short-form.

Are there tech solutions so you can you have free-speech such that anyone can say whatever they want but also nobody has to hear the hateful morons trying to cow them into silence?

You could default-subscribe all users to a block-list. It lists everyone that would otherwise be banned and more.

Go to settings and check "See moronic hateful comments" if that's what you want to see.

Get out of the hateful-moron block-list by not being a hateful-moron.

You could have some kind of crowd-sourced community curation of the block-lists.

Maybe that kind of thing could work if the aim was free speech and also harmony and encouraging conversation.

Won't work though, coz really what's being fought over is political control of the means of communication.

Would the advertisers be happy to advertise against someone with the view-hateful-morons checked?

Would the woke be happy to allow hate-speech only in the hate-speech-allowed areas?

Would the nazis be happy to talk among themselves without anyone else having to listen to their crap?

Would the government be happy to have a means of communication outside their propaganda messaging?

So in the end it isn't really up to the new CEO of communications network. It's up to the advertisers and the lawyers and the lawmakers and even a little bit the users.

Unless maybe you can decentralize enough to become ungovernable.

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@pre Who decides who's a hateful moron and who isn't?

@Hyolobrika Inside you are two morons. One hateful and one loving.

Which one wins?

The one you feed!

You decide if you're a hateful moron ;)

Or you could have web-of-trust community block-lists if you were trying to filter them out.

@pre >web-of-trust community block-lists
how do those work?

@Hyolobrika Roughly speaking, you block people who you think are hateful morons and so do all your friends and you all also set the software to trust each other, and maybe a slider for how many degrees of trusting each other's trustees you wanna do.

But since we're talking about a thing which doesn't exist that Twitter could maybe try to build and probably won't, it could also work some other way.

@Hyolobrika Scuttlebutt is like a peer to peer mesh sneaker-net isn't it? Dunno if that has a block at all let alone a function to trust you friend's blocks and their friends blocks to the nth degree.

But I dunno. Maybe it does. Not looked at it very hard.

@pre you are shouting about how great free speech is and then talking about how to apply block lists. censorship is the opposite of free speech. hateful morons should also have free speech.

@demitasse Block lists are nothing to do with censorship though.

You can talk, and I can put my fingers in my ears. And I can allow my mate to put his fingers in my ears if I want.

@pre I will never understand this fear you people have of a differing opinion. the way you're talking about applying the blocks will be much worse than fediblock, and enable more censorship. it will create censored instances and exclude not censored instances and do so with a certificate. i envision a future where instances can be banned like russian domains just got banned from the certificate authorities that issue domain names

@demitasse I don't have a fear and have never used a block-list for anything other than spammers myself.

I would like to be able to block the crypto-spam-bots on Twitter please.

Some people don't like being called names or whatever and I can understand why they would want a block-list too.

Not sure what instances have to do with anything. Twitter doesn't even have instances.

@pre I thought you were talking about doing this on the fediverse. I don't use twitter or care what happens over there tbh.

@demitasse It was a suggestion for Elon for what to do with his new purchase.

Bullying and harassment are things. Maybe you've never been bullied or harassed, or maybe it really wouldn't matter to you, but real people find it unpleasent and it makes them shut up or leave, reducing the amount of free speech.

If anyone bullies or harasses the users on my instance and their admin won't deal with it then their instance gets blocked.

So far hasn't come up. Doubt it will given I seem to be basically the only user.

@pre by "real people" are you referring to the morons who ruined the once great internet by crying about harassment until it has become almost fully censored, watered down, boring, shitty, and without free speech anywhere?
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