The handover to a new phone is when you use the old phone to take photos of the new phone.

New one is looking fly.

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@pre I didn't know you are a Whovian! Nice decal sticker on the back btw!

@pre I'm stopped at Peter Capaldi's second season I think. Starting a new job and having a newborn baby takes a lot of time.

I think I should catch up, it is still on Netflix? 😎😏

@RyuKurisu Some in on Netflix, I think it's all on iPlayer anyway.

@pre I searched on Netflix NL but it only showed 2 videos with Daleks; so now I've got to figure out how to watch it without paying a subscription to BBC & from the Netherlands 🤪👍

@RyuKurisu pirate bay may be simpler. Bbc is pretty hot on blocking vpns.

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