Elon's offering 54 dollars a share if everyone will sell him the whole of Twitter so he can take it private and, um, apparently taking private control will ensure free speech? Not sure how that bit works.

If everyone holding Twitter shares disagrees, he'll sell his 14% and crash the price! Ha.

Social media that people can own will never be free, whether it's owned by shareholders or privately owned by billionaires.

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And apparently that's opened a bidding-war and now the crypto-currency Tron dude is offering to pay even more to take over Twitter and move it off-shore and decentralize it in a blockchain way.

Ha. That'd drive the twitter users away by their millions.

@Hyolobrika Yeah, he's all kinds of awful I'm sure.

If we're cheering on the demise of privately owned social media as accelerationist observers barely interacting with twitter then the worse it's owner is the better it is for a rapid collapse of the ecosystem though.

@pre I'll take a controlled demolition of Twitter, if that's what he's going for.

@JapanAnon Yeah, pretty much anything that happens now is going to drive users away from the big corps and that's what I hope for.

@pre i just want musk to succeed for the lulz and people getting triggered by it.

@bonifartius Yeah, if I had to pick a multi billionaire to own and control my network I'd sooner have Musk than Zuck.

Luckily, we can own our own networks so we don't have to care too much.

@pre yeah.. i think musk is crazy, but if he spends his money on free speech and making the politically correct crowd mad, i more than welcome it.

just think about all the "big" and old twitter profiles getting worthless because the platform is anti-woke at a sudden. would be beautiful.

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