He paces back and forth like a soldier, up and down the square, pretending that payment networks were invented in the 1940s with the Diner's Club Card and explaining how banking boomer's-bucks work: It's all old tech where one boomer calls another to check if it's okay and then later squaring up and all charging 1% and only really finally settling months later.

He reckons it's better to do it without the middle-men, and without the reversibility of boring granddad money. Use the network that's open, global, uncensorable, unfreezable, bearer, cash-final, cheaper, faster and inclusive.

Then the list of people who have custodial Strike accounts now, who are mostly letting Jack take care of their bitcoin in Jack's centralized wallets like newbies. Mostly not even keeping a bitcoin balance let alone taking custody.

His shtick is definitely that if you charge dollars and pay in dollars then there's no tax-event in all the money-transit transactions of switching from dollars to bitcoin and bitcoin back to dollars.

I mean.... We could make a tax system that way but that is not how the current UK tax system works I don't think?

Which might be why Brits still can't get Strike?

If you have a dollar-balance on a centralzied Strike app then you can transfer it to another person's centralzied dollar balance account on their Strike app "via bitcoin" I guess? And lots of shops have centralized strike accounts now.

It's all about how the human regulation interfaces with the language of the bits moving around on computer networks in the end. I think Strike are doing good work to figure out how the hell all this should be regulated and are pushing for an interoperable network.

We need to get off of oil which means we need to get off of the petro-dollar. What do we replace it with? A trustless, permissionless, free and unowned one? Or should the world use the one run by America based on oil?

I'm open to any other ideas? (8 hours in)

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