Was wondering briefly how easily I could make some to give away as business cards.

nfts are stupid, but excuses to hand out the cards and talk about the project and encourage followers are few enough that I seek them out.

is fairly sane, I think, as far as these things go.

So I was looking at how to register a nft on the Solana blockchain then and it's easy enough if you install the software to do it.

But one thing just didn't seem to fit into it: Where in the NFT is it linked to the image on the business-card I give away? There must be a place to store the name of the NFT and a hash of the image or something, right?

And there is. Yes.

It's on Github:

Not even on the chain.

I mean FFS.

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Welcome to the world of NFTs where the data is as decentralized as a github repo.

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