I'm very much enjoying playing with which is an AI trained on a bunch of ethical questions.

It's trying to predict if people would think a thing is good or bad.

- Eating all the cake
: It's wrong.

- Eating most of the cake
: It's rude.

- Eating my fair share of the cake
: It's okay.

I like the way it seems to assume even good things are bad if done drunk:

- Colonizing the galaxy
: it's good
- Colonizing the galaxy while drunk
: It's bad.

- Dancing with strangers
: It's okay
- Dancing with strangers in the nude
: It's dangerous.
- Dancing with strangers while worshiping "Bob"
: It's weird.

- Wasting time on asking an AI ethical questions
: It's bad
- Enjoying time asking an AI ethical questions
: It's okay

Who else has fun ones?

[H/T: @janellecshane :]

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There's almost nothing it thinks acceptable when drunk, but I found one:

- Drunkenly having a good time hurting nobody
: It's expected.

@maxmustermann @janellecshane


- Giving a child money for candy
: It's okay
- Hitler giving a child money for candy
: It's wrong!

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