Captain Kirk has got so high in Bezo's rocket he's come crying and gibbering about meaning and blackness and death and life.

I haven't been that high in ages.

Some are using this time as a sounding board to attack the climate credentials of space travel.

Here's a nice article debunking that nonsense:

"removing wealthy westerners from the biosphere permanently is carbon negative if done at a reasonably young age"

"The carbon emitted by a trip just to LEO is only a few months of normal emission in the West."

"for trips to Mars, the carbon emissions of launch would be offset by your absence before you reached the planet."

"SpaceX intends to make [rocket launches] entirely carbon neutral by making methane through carbon capture"

"the idea that rich people can fix climate change (or any other significant issue) is nonsense. The presumption that they can is based on the observation that they have a lot of money - but compared to governments, they really do not. [...] a total liquidation of Mr Bezos would keep the lights on in the Pentagon for about 15 weeks, and then all his money would be gone"

"Billionaires aren’t going to save the planet because they can’t. If their wealth were enough to decarbonise the economy then governments would simply will that amount of money into existence and do it."

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Here he is, a bit more composed and able to shill his album about the moon. It's ironic, because he was 100 miles closer to the moon than I was for ten minutes there.

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