I made a poster to put up in the halls of the flat in the hope whoever is feeding the squirrels will see them and stop.

But I can't print it coz the engineer that fixed my internet reset my router and now my printer can't find the network so that needs to be reconfigured somehow and I can't remember how. I think it has to be done in Windows? Ugh.

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Got the anti-squirrel poster printed and posted on the doors on the top floor.

Only seen the squirrel on the wires once since, and think the neighbour has taken to throwing the nuts down for the squirrels instead of encouraging them to climb the wires.

If that continues we may have come to a peaceful end in the conflict.

Though course, my internet is off again today. No way to know if it's squirrel related. Apparently not just me affected this time.

The internet company have reported they believe the cause is "third party damage".


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Still no broadband today. The company say they're doing some emergency repair work this afternoon.

"The works are essential in order to keep our network performing at optimal levels, as we have received reports of rodents damaging the cables we have recently installed."

Could well be my reports, but maybe they've had more than one.

Hopefully they can get it working this afternoon, maybe they're armoring the fibers now.

They claimed to have restored internet to the whole estate that was out, but still my connection was dry.

So I called 'em and the engineers spent all morning gathered outside my door pondering how to fix the issue. Eventually replacing the fibre cable again, hopefully more squirrel-proof this time.

Sounded like they had to go and deal with upstairs next, which given that their switch-box seems to be outside my door could well mean an afternoon of them out there as well.

But the pot which the squirrels fed from on the third floor is gone, so I guess that's successfully stopped. They should have no reason to continue their attacks.

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