@pre My hate of the FB user experience knows no bounds.

@jimgon They're still making it worse every day and there's like three months left of my exit plan.

As far as I can tell the chronological ordering is completely removed from web-interface now, only available on phone. They have changed the person-list page from a cronological list of the status updates of the people in the list into just a list-editing page. I guess it's just for controlling audience now.

The Occulus means I can't delete the account completely even when the exit plan is over. I wish they hadn't been allowed to buy it. I wish they'd get broken up.

@pre I only use it with a browser on a PC and it’s quite unusable.

@jimgon It's like this week that the sort-by-date option disappeared on my linux/firefox combo.

Expect they'll delete it on Android/Firefox soon too.

I hope they make it worse and worse at this point. The worse it gets the better.

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