The war with the robots actually started in about 1998.

That's when the spam started to get out of control and any unattended login-forms would be filled with spam.

I've been fighting the robots ever since. They get more sophisticated, and we counter with Bayesian trained spam/ham, filters.They start filling in forms, we add "not a robot" tests.

The robots aren't smart enough to program themselves yet, but somehow they are recruiting an army of turncoat humans who betray their species by helping those robots to try dictionary-attacks on login forms or find ways to bypass spam-filters.

How would you face your family if that's what you spent your time doing?

- What did you do in the robot wars of the 21st century grandad?

- Oh, I helped the robots evade the human defences and find ways to fill their email-lists with spam.

Oh well.

/me adds "delete stupid robot registrations" to his todo list on his Nextcloud email-list manager app.

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