Two wasps appeared as if my magic in my kitchen. The window hasn't been open. I really think they must have been born in the kitchen somehow.

I gave them a big old cup of cider then closed and sealed the kitchen door.

Been keeping an eye on them now and then. Reckon one fell in the drink then managed to escape but crawled around drunk for a while. Then the other did that too.

And now they have both apparently disappeared. Presumably their dead bodies are somewhere, but I can't find them.

Will never know how they got in, or if or how they got out.

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The kitchen door has a window in it and I was watching one of the wasps crawl around drunk through my binoculars for a while.

He kept lifting his arse into the air, and then falling over comically. Presumably trying to fly but unable to coordinate to lift his arse and flap at the same time.

Kept wondering close to the edge of the counter-top, then nearly falling off it to the floor, then just about managing to recover some composure and crawl back up over the edge.

If they're on the floor the robot hoover will pick 'em up at some point I guess.

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