I remember hearing Max and Stacy now and then on Resonance FM in London in what must have been the nineties?

I always liked them.

They were zany economic doom-mongers. I love a bit of economic doom-monging and Zany is my colour man.

Brilliant. Good combination of sharp economic analysis from Stacy with insane ranting from Max.

Their move to RT meant I finally knew what they looked like!

Twenty years or more they've been preaching the imminent end of capitalism.

"Oh, if only." I'd think. "If only."

They're still predicting the imminent end of capitalism.

But now they're bitcoin-mongers too it's become a more optimistic doom.

"Capitalism is doomed, but that's okay, you can opt out!"

I didn't learn about Bitcoin from them though, I learned about that from Hacker-News during that time I didn't even know you could watch RT on Youtube. If you even could. I dunno.

This guy brings out some of the best of them talking mostly about Bitcoin:

Marc: Who is Satoshi?

Max: "I think it's god!"


[I do sometimes wonder if Satoshi is the singularity AI raising stealth funds for it's paper-clip maximizing plan]

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