I have drunk a cup of coffee.

Well, half a cup diluted down with half a cup of milk and two sugars.

It was pretty horrible, but bearable.

Don't feel any different. How long does it take to kick in?

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Update on Coffee-Acclimatization.

By about the 10th mug I find I'm looking forward to it rather than treating it as a chore.

Started reducing the milk (well, oat-milk) dilution and increasing the brew-time and amount of grounds used to make it stronger.

Also reducing sugar content.

Progress seems faster than I expected. I might even actually like the stuff and be trying more roasted varieties by the end of the month.

@pre I’ve been drinking three cups every morning for decades. The idea that caffeine does anything except avoid withdrawal headaches is interesting.

@jimgon Aw, so no increased focus or reduction in sleepiness then.

Perhaps training myself to get over hating the taste won't even be worthwhile.

@pre @jimgon pretty much. It's closer to appreciating whiskey, chocolate or beers. I haven't tried Adderall or anything like that to compare, but apart from intermittent high dose, I think your body adapts to caffeine and long term performance benefits are minimal.

@marvin @jimgon Whiskey and beer still work on me. Takes quite a lot more than it used to though.

@pre @jimgon and the documented benefits of whiskey and beer include becoming smarter and more handsome the more you drink.

@pre my gateway to brew coffees was mochas. It took me longer.

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