Intro is not a private forum to whisper secrets between users, it is a gateway to a massive public distributed network of independent interoperable forums.

In general, what you say here, you say to the world.

You are likely reading this because you joined and you auto-followed the boingbot, and he told you to read this.

Here's what to do next:

Follow people

Check out the profile directory at It lists all the people on this server with a public profile. Should be a good list of people to follow.

That might be pretty empty at the moment. is very new. It's just the admin and the robots at the time of writing.

But you can examine each user's profile, see who they are following. They will be following people from all over the global network, not just

Find the most interesting toots from people they are following. Compliment them on their toots. Retoot to the rest of us.

Try to find someone interesting to follow from and follow them

Many Profile Directories

Then find someone from another server and also follow them.

Here are the profile directories of some other servers

I picked a few to illustrate points, and a few because I know someone on one of their servers, and a few just at random from the directory. They are not recommendations, only examples.

The thing to understand is that you don't have to follow only people here, nor should you aim to. There is more to the world than

Also that people from other servers can follow you.

We are building a new network where no corporates own the data.

Your aim is to find the other interesting people in the fediverse and bring them the attention of through retoots and conversation-starters.

Add yourself to our profile directory

You don't have to, but I think you should.

What's the point of being in a global open rebel conversation without having an "about" page and a way for people to find you?

Pick a good picture, or a symbol that represents your mood from day to day. Something distinctive is good.

Nothing crude, obviously.

When you want to be visible to the world, turn it on.

Remember your posts are mostly visible to the world even if your profile isn't.

The people most likely to look at the profile are other people and their friends, people you follow, people you talk to from and the rest of the fediverse we connect with or those searching on the hash-tags you mention.

Post a toot

It can be quite a good idea to post a first toot to introduce yourself to the global community. If you include the tag #introduction then people around the network are more likely to see it and welcome you.

The BoingBot

You were probably directed here by the boing-bot, a robot that chats on written by me, the admin @pre

It exists to handle on-boarding and try and keep some sense of community between the users of distinct from the rest of the federated diaspora.

If you have anything you want to tell "all of", just mention and it'll re-toot it back too everyone who is following.

We'll add rate-limits later if it gets too noisy.

You may un-follow the boingbot if you wish. It will not contact you nor retoot you if you aren't following.

You may follow it from another server if you are registered outside, in which case it will treat you just as it does users from

Day to day

Toot out to the world. Tell us what you are thinking. Use hashtags to get noticed.

Tell us about other interesting people on the global network. Make it a mission to find the most interesting people outside and bring them to the attention of

Check out the federated-timeline to see what all the people on the servers connected to are saying, and look at their profile pages too. Look at who is following them. Are they saying great stuff? Follow them. Retoot them.

Open Source, Interoperable runs on Masodon, and there's a user-guide for the software at It has some great features like a multi-column view, lists that can organise the people you follow into groups, searching hashtags and users.