In this weeks reading I address a common question I get asked: How does the tarot work?

We discover that a reader approaches a spread with an expectation, a will. With goals in mind (King Wands).

The process is a cooperation between the random cards and the reader’s experience (Ace Pentacles).

The cards meanings, as taught and honed by the institution and history of tarot-reading (Heirophant), are recalled by the reader as they examine the spread.

They anticipate and explore those meanings, looking for contentedness and epiphany (Universe).

This subconsciously filters the randomness of the cards through the will and expectation of the reader to produce a final reading (Priestess).

The result then isn’t magic, or supernatural, or random, but is a synthesis of ancient wisdom and the reader’s intuition formed subconsciously during the process.

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Rehersed this question a few times. Sometimes it answers the question pretty poorly, but here I think it did okay.

Which is another way it works of course. The reader rejects a bad reading just as a coin-tosser can realize their true desire when the coin goes wrong.


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