I would have expected a stay at home order to make me more productive, but it did the opposite.

I bit off more than I could chew right now with V0.3 and the grind was never-ending.

So I decided to make an easy thing, which could be done easily and quickly without having to make new tools!

Then just as I thought that was ready, within a day of completion, I had an idea to make it loads better if I just made this new tool.

Which it did do.

That light-show makes it WAY better.

I got good help with the sound too.

But apparently I need to have many days a week of doomscrolling and eating chocolate instead of working.

So it all takes five times longer than expected.

Nevertheless, eventually just the lack of anything else to do prevailed.

There is a premier tomorrow (Sat 9th Jan) at noon!

Come watch my -fi cartoon.

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