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Usually I'm the kinda guy who'd be well up for destroying the monarchy as soon as possible.

If there's any point in the monarchy at all it would be right now with this frankly shocking plan that it would rise up and terminate the unlawful illegitimate inhuman policy to traffic the most desperate people in the country to some new dangerous location.

I have never been more ashamed of my country than I am under Johnson's pathetic racist pandering.

So I'm with Charles for a change.

What a bunch of cunts we have in charge.

Quite a this week. Good work from Russ.

How come every government we have is worse than the last?

Yeah, saved 'em all that way but it only counts as scoring one.

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Cute little game with a Happy Toast penguin.

Feels like there's some strategy where you pick up just one penguin and use him to knock all the others into the sea, but that way generally leads to zero success. Sliding 'em at like Jenga at least you get a score.

🐧 I rescued 5 penguins, rating:

Macaroni Penguin!

Imagine that you're on the cusp year. You just about get to buy cigarettes on your 18th birthday, but then six months later they raise the buying-age to 19 so you're banned again.

Until six months later you hit 19 and so you're allowed again.


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Some people want to raise the age at which you can buy cigarettes by a year every year so that people currently under 18 can never ever buy them.

So in 50 years you could have a requirement to check the ID of 70 year olds to check if they're allowed to buy cigarettes or not.

Cigarette vendors would be saying "Sorry grandad, you're too young to understand the risks of buying cigarettes, you're only 68 years old"

Sounds like a bunch of stupid nonsense to me but I'm against pretty much all the drug prohibitions really.

No news yet on if it'll be on the Eth chain or there'll be a Royal Bank Digital Currency Chain.

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I think it's great that we're turning the crown into a highest-bidder non-fungible-token.

Imagine the wars that could have been avoided if we'd just been able to record the succession of the monarchy on the block-chain. It could be traded on the secondary market as a non-fungible head of state.

Whoever had the hot-potato royal-crown NFT gets to decide on if laws pass or if they should get racist exceptions or not just like the current lot.

Man, I love . It moves so fast, they're working on it so hard all the time, I can't keep up. It free software and fairly bug-free and accepting improvements from all over the place.

Amazing project. It's a pleasure to use.

Here's the new features, or at least all the new ones that can be listed in five minutes.

I wonder how many of them I will ever use?

Turned out the ticket liar was lying to me and there was a slightly earlier train going slightly faster so I was only 45 minutes late.

Still suckier than Virgin though.

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Well the train service between euston and rugby sucks now. Ticket machines won't sell open return tickets. So I missed a train queuing for the people service. And there is apparently only one train an hour now.

Avanti are worse than Virgin are. Ffs. How is that possible? Worse than virgin!

People say, "The Internet is forever".

This is not true. So much on the Internet has disappeared. I would state further that more has disappeared from the Internet than currently what exists.

This is one reason I wish that a P2P content delivery system was the default: because not only would it deliver information faster, information would depend less on WHERE it is and more on WHAT it is -- thereby creating an avenue for redundancies.

I guess people will know where they are when the come out of the local tube station now.

"Carrie's choice of hat sparks speculation over possible tensions between the happy couple"

Hehe. Nice one.

As well as @FediFollows, @feditips and @FediVideos, I am now running a small website called Grow Your Own Services:

You can follow its account at @homegrown

GYOS is aimed at people interested in having their own indie online services, but who don't care about the techy stuff. All of the content assumes you are using a managed hosting company, where the hosting company handles the tech.

Hopefully this approach opens up self-hosting to a wider range of people.


Johnson wins it, and avoids the cursed ratio but 58:42 isn't exactly a ringing endorsement.

Wonder if he'll stay? A vote like that would have made every previous PM quit coz they've lost the confidence of half their party.

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Quite a day. I hope I'm never in a situation where Nadine Dorries has to be my champion in the media. 👀

Votes being counted now presumably.

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6pm to 8pm tonight is the most annoying possible time for them to be doing this vote on Bojo of course coz that's basically the exact time I'd be recording a tarot show.

So if I did one on the Bojo vote it'll be outdated by the time it's uploaded.


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I guess the booing at the Jubilee party was enough, and Bojo will face the vote this evening already.

Hard to know what to wish for. Him winning the vote and remaining in power will make it easier to oust the terrible party at the next election, but then him remaining in power will be bad for everyone who isn't Bojo for the next two years.

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