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I thought I was gonna be all smug going "they started the fireworks a minute too early" but then they really really banged at midnight and they're still going.

So far 2022 is like war-zone aurally.

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So here it is. 2022. A lot of twos in that number. Like a row of swans but one of them is ducking under the water with it's arse in the air.

I'll almost definitely finish this next cartoon in 2022. That's taken way longer than I'd hoped. But the tools I have made will last much longer and make things faster in future.

Did like four of those "Observers" shorts in 2021. That's a good rate for them. Wish I'd tried harder to write a Christmas script. Next year maybe.

2022's first few months look like they're gonna be good for hunkering down and writing and building, and then there'll be antibodies everywhere you could go by the spring. Hopefully a full festival season again.

Have a everyone.

I was gonna watch Cowboy Bebop but I hear Netflix have cancelled it after 1 season so not sure if there's any point now. Either they cancelled it coz it's shit, or if not It'll just end unsatisfyingly for sure now.

Well, at least it's come back up apparently mostly working, so that's something.

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Okay, that's been about an hour. Gonna have to try a power interruption. :(

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Ugh. Fucking windows. How long should I wait before I cut the power? Been about twenty minutes now.

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These days I try to avoid launching a program by pressing the windows key and typing it's name.

No way to avoid that "search" being sent to MS servers in Windows 11 so far as I can tell. There is no "search only for apps when I hit the windows key" option. Giving them a list of every app you open when you open it.

Wish all this VR dev stuff would work properly in Linux so I didn't have to use a snitching operating system.

Reading a bit about permacomputing. I read this: and I have a lot of questions, mainly around assumptions.

Anyone got some cool links I should follow?

Boosts welcome.

Watched "Death to 2021" on with Charlie Brooker's involvement apparently being reduced to "Format originally created by" with no writing or narrating credit.

I liked the description of the 6-Jan protest/invasion as "A muppet reboot of the vietnam war" and "A bison disguised himself as a human"

Also the exchange with the anti-woke professor:
- They are destroying everything, and I do mean everything?
- Who do you mean by they?
- You know, They, them!
- Are those their pronouns?


Entertaining, but would have been better if Brooker wrote it.

Watched "Superman and Lois" on the Beeb.

is a now.

The early episodes showed hints of being as dark and interesting as Alexander Wales's fan-fic "Metropolitan Man". In which it is so obviously morally certain that superman should be destroyed.

It wasn't as good as that, but it was still some damned fine superman stuff.


Wales's fan-fic:

Great audiobook of Wales's fan-fic:

George Monbiot and Double-Down News have a short video here describing the way the UK government is assaulting basic democratic freedoms like the right to protest or the right to not have citizenship just removed.

Meanwhile the rest of the press is chittering about cheese parties and doing the work for one conservative trying to bring down another conservative and ALL their freedom-warriors are ignoring the stuff and bleating on about masks.

Fucks sake.

We have a whole government full of Chemical Ali's lying about things even though their lies are obvious. They have completely lost touch with reality.

Merry everyone! Good luck out there.

I thought I’d do a little ten-minute preview of #2022 for you with with a new reading.

They’re calling it the best show of the year. This is the one to watch for a boost! Good news!

Follow @wordcloudtarot for more.

Or follow me, I post most of 'em here too. At least boost. But this account is more chatty. Talks about other stuff.

This the key to politics-media: Why now? They knew all year long, so why now?

And also: Why this trivial bullshit, not the expansive and incredible assaults on liberty that shames this entire government more than a cheese party ever could.


"Don't forget that there are dozens of people in politics and the media who knew all about the lockdown-busting Tory parties at the time, but they deliberately kept it secret.

They're only releasing the details and the pictures now because it aligns with their purposes"

That's quite a graph we've got going here in London. Similar ones all over the world I guess.

Happy Christmas everyone!

Bookmarked by @pre -
Joe Rogan's Interview With Dr. Peter McCullough | A Doctor Explains - YouTube

I didn't get all the way through Rogan's interview with McCollough coz McCollough was saying things I new were just completely untrue. Everyone I know that knows where they caught Covid caught it of someone pre-symptomatic. I know people who caught it twice. McCollouch is just flat at wrong about at least those two things.Here's some dude called ZDogg doing a more thorough job of taking McCollouch down.

Enjoying looking at the iTunes charts today:

"Boris Johnson is STILL a fucking cunt" is at number four currently.

And number 9.

And number 20. And 21. And 22. And 23. And 25. And 26. And 28.

All the versions get added together for the industry chart.

Fair chance The Kunts can make that be the Xmas number one this year I think. Having ten versions means you can buy it ten times for the price of a beer.

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