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I've been re-vaccinated for a boost before Xmas, thanks to the scientists and medics and the health system that delivered that for me. You're all great.

I re-iterate that medical treatment should be voluntary and that vaccines should be available to all but forced on nobody.

It's more important to get that vaccine into the willing arms in the global south than unwilling arms in the north.

Well, there's a version of the Kunt and the Gang Xmas single with Cassette Boy helping out too.

Nice. It's still true.

God damn I hate Heisenbugs. Stupid thing works fine whenever I'm monitoring it. Only when when unobserved does the damned thing fail.

This is what we get when we vote in a bunch of anti-expert fuck-knuckles who think ideology trumps facts I suppose.

I imagine this newspaper thinks that they are supporting Boris in his battle with reality.

We have a lying prime minister at war with reality and a media mostly supporting him.

Fuck me. We are so doomed.

Fingers crossed that this one turns out to be less deadly and cause fewer long term issues for some reason.

Thing is, they're clearly all time-travellers.

They're worried about the creeping fascism that the masks might lead to in the future without noticing they've already voted all that in.

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Government: Let's allow under-cover cops to be above the law!

Tory MPs: Okay! Yeah!

Government: Let's allow ministers to strip citizens of their passport at any time.

Tory MPs: Love it! Do it!

Government: Lets keep this journalist in jail indefinitely

Tory MPs: Jail is good for him!

Government: Lets ban protest, make it a crime to cause disruption.

Tory MPs: Screw those protestors, do it!

Government: Lets remove freedom of movement across the EU from all citizens.

Tory MPs: Yeah! Get Brexit done!

Government: Lets allow ministers to review all judicial decisions and reverse any they don't like.

Tory MPs: We love it! Lets do it!

Government: Lets insist people show their ID and papers to be able to vote.

Tory MPs: Okay! Yeah! Do it!

Government: As a temporary public health-measure, lets allow venues to ask their visitors to be vaccinated.

Tory MPs: We are not a papers please society! This is an intolerable burden on freedom. It's like totalitarianism. This country is on the verge of fascism.


Drama and hilarity in the this week as accidentally enables federation, allowing users outside their little walled garden to follow those inside and vice-versa.

I had assumed they'd done it on purpose but its seems they're treating it as a bug: Accidental breech of the walls in their walled garden, exposing the lie that they are or want to be in any way decentralised.

Maybe also exposing that they are illegally stealing source-code from the open-source community and then not releasing their change patches? Can't tell if their changes are public anywhere.

It's all so ugly I doubt anyone would want the changes but if they are based on as it looks, then they are legally obliged to supply them to any user that asks I believe.

Watching this thing (The Matrix Awakens) and there's some hype about how good things look. I realized something... the scenes that look the most like the film look the worst.

It's because the film looks bad. Film typically looks bad. We're entering the age where games look better than film. (Film may or may not choose to catch up.)

Well okay, good message, but isn't there anyone with authority we could get to say it? Just Boris?

I mean, in the US they used Big Bird, couldn't we get someone like that?

Just Boris eh? Oh.

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Still Plan B, but now level four plus a big booster boost modification.

Terrorism threat still levels still at "severe", Defcon is at three but presumably coz of tensions in Ukraine, windforce 12 expected and it's thirty second until till midnight on the doomsday clock.

Who knew we'd have such a range of measures of how near the end-times we are.

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Apparently now the UK is now on Plan B, Level 4. Just so you all know what the levels are like. Chaos levels staying steady at about code yellow.

Watching Starmer on Marr. It's like Starmer thinks criticizing the government is some kind of trap that interviewers are trying to trick him into.

Oh no Mr Marr, you nearly caught me there! But you will not trick me into asking for the prime minister to resign!

The UK justice system is a joke, the political system is a joke, the whole country is a punchline but the USA may be even worse.

Unbelievable that we've decided political extradition is okay now.

Journalism isn't a crime.

BBC's audience-questions political show "question time" actually transmitted through shots of world war two airplanes this week.

You think I'm joking, but I am not joking.

is being filmed recorded and transmitted from some kind of hangar filled with WW2 airplanes.

I think I might cancel my license after Doctor Who this new year.

Sure, the is all over a that might have happened at number 10 and maybe broke lock-down rules.

But they ignore:
* The privatization of the NHS
* Legislation prohibiting protest
* Immunity for spy-cops
* Selling arms to oppressive regimes, creating refugees.
* Legislation allowing the stripping of passports from citizens
* Imprisonment of journalists
* Lies about climate at COP

Damned right Johnson should resign, but not over some dumb xmas party.

The media that are pushing for the end of his premiership now aren't doing it for any of those reasons, or because they care about the xmas party.

They're doing it because he's become a liability to their ability to continue all that bullshit.

More on MediaLens:

Can't think of any reason whatsoever why anyone in the country would believe a single word this lying hypocrite ever says or follow any of his instructions.

Been cooking more roast dinners lately. My portion control is the main problem.

Next stage of the project to build a window to ventilate the server-cupboard is complete.

It's a good thing these types of electrics are wired for tolerance because I wired them up every possible combination of wrong before I got them all working.

Think the next step really is to make a hole in the cupboard wall but I still have no idea how I'm gonna make this window stay in that hole.

My clock broke. It's like a railway-station one that kinda ticks down some plastic counters and one of the half-numbers fell off.

Still seems to be keeping time.

Seems like I look at it when it's showing the broken number more often that one would expect by chance alone.

Probably my peripheral vision notices it looks weird weird so focuses my attention on it.

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