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Thanks to Russel Brand for bringing attention to the story about US plans to assassinate Assange that the mainstream won't touch for insane reasons.

They can't be allowed to extradite him into the hands of this crazy murderous country.

What the hell is he doing still in jail anyway?

Great Veritasim video here on the public DNA databases.

Because the DNA sampling now uses so many nucleotides, you can figure out who someone is even if you don't have their DNA, so long as you have the DNA of like their fourth cousin.

And the public ancestry-tracing DNA libraries mean that basically everyone has a fourth cousin in the public databases now.

Which means we are all traceable from that data even if we never got sampled ourselves.

My DNA is definitely on the cop's databases. They compelled it when they arrested me.

This month is Startober when you get to try out a new vice for the month.

Then next month it's Startvember


Debts that can't be paid, won't be paid.

Cory Doctorow is brilliant here, talking about how debt eats up a society until it's paying more in interest than it earns and so collapses, or alternatively how inequality in a society grows until it costs more to guard the wealth than the wealth has, so it collapses.

I don't really have any debt any more but I think regular jubilees would be a good thing. You'd have to pace them randomly so nobody knew when it was coming, but you could have like a 1/50 chance every new-year that all debt it wiped out. Something like that.

Cory is amazing. He writes a blog filled with great ideas and links like this pretty much every day. I can't even get the time to *read* them all, let alone write them. How the hell does he do it?

Another shocking consequence of seems to be an actual shortage of clowns.

Presumably they're all to busy in government.

Here's the little guy who keeps climbing up my Internet cable. Just scared him off it but expect he'll be back.

Think it's the neighbour on the third floor that's out out food for him. Haven't gathered conclusive evidence yet though.

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Democracy isn't really a thing Labour or the Conservatives value at all is it? Labour refusing PR and limiting leadership nominations, Tories restricting voting with ID laws.

So much for Democracy.

I hope both parties die and disband.

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And Labour screw up even that, with an anti-democratic vote too.

Constituency parties 80% in favour.

Unions and affiliates 95% against.

Labour refuse to go PR, because Labour aren't PR themselves.

Hope they disband Labour soon, they're really in the way.

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The is in crisis again, this time over fuel shortages and panic buying as stations all over the country run out of .

@pre does a reading to investigate.

Watch the five minute video show or read the transcription here:


* - Though I think Labour might be voting on a Proportional Representation policy this conference? Good luck to that 🤞

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While the party work on their plans to make the country less democratic through voter ID laws, aren't in power so they can only attack the democracy in their own party by making it harder to get elected leader.

Both the parties support this terrible unproportional election system* that keeps any other party from gaining any significant democratic power.

The UK's democracy really barely counts as it is, and it seems to be heading the wrong way.

I'm now hyper-aware of the squirrels. 👀

Just saw one climbing up the new cable, the little bastard.

Wonder how I can discourage them? I think the upstairs neighbor might be feeding them peanuts. There are peanut shells.

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Hurrah, they fixed my internet. Replaced the fiber into my house which had apparently been eaten by squirrels or magpies or something.

One they they might use armored cable he reckons, but not today. So until that time I shall have to try and guard the cable from squirrels.

Remembering to watch Late Night Mash on the day of broadcast instead of after the weekend for the first time.

Jack Mallers gets it. If there's a thing to get.

Here he talks to The News about
payments being enabled in The Other Place.

Tweetdeck hasn't changed. It doesn't get most twitter updates, thank goodness.

Could always accept tips with btc if you wanted to anyway of course. QR codes in the profile-pics or LNUrls in the profile.

How's it working app users? Can I set my twitter to accept tips to my wallet without installing their app?

Well that's convenient.

I was just the other day thinking how I'd like to keep a separate document of notes on the book I'm reading with my tablet, but it'd be too annoying and time-consuming to switch between them.

And today I find my Remarkable has updated, and added a quick-switch-document gesture which seems to work pretty well.

Oh joy.

My Internet went off and ain't gonna get remotely fixed. Engineer coming tomorrow. Suspect he'll have to call in the senior engineers with cherry pickers if this 3 story high slightly frayed cable needs replacing.

Spent 20 quid on mobile Internet already. Should have immediately bought a bulk data deal.

Ugh. Now I'd when you regret ditching the tv and cable for Netflix.

A few days mostly reading books then?

Could you imagine being in the party and then they change the rules so that the leader is imposed upon you instead of picked by you, and then you just take it and remain a member of the party in your new disenfranchised membership.

If I were a member of the labour party and they did that I'd totally quit and join a democratic party instead then campaign for them against labour.

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