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So farewell then, Handsome Jack's Showband.
"Stay all night, I dare you"
That was your catchphrase stolen from another band.
"Long journey's wear me out", that was another one.
Well, you're worn out now.

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We decided to wind up the . So I'm not in a band any more. A more than ten-year relationship ended, or, well, you know, changing with a radical reduction in hours spent together.


I'm really sad, but, occasionally smiling at the thought of new projects.

And now observe, how just by putting on it, it will achieve many more shares.

Explain that science!

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I see. It all makes sense now.

But how we find these hidden portals to ?

Went out for lunch with my parents and brother in Rugby. Walk in the park. Been more than a year I think. Probably longest ever.

They finally delivered Xmas presents opened over Zoom eight months ago, which means my thing now also has a new plasma ball projecting lightning behind my lightning node.

This blows my mind across a couple of vectors.

Working with asm on the #rc2014 has had me thinking about things like what we do with the massive (by comparison) address spaces we have now and how we might architect computers differently if we start thinking about it without the baggage of the old limitations.

So much more to say, so little time.

Twitter has a project to decentralize the social web.

"connecting disconnected silos and returning control of the social experience to users"

They have a feed, and yet, no feed.


Woo! Beat it!

Thought there was going to be a horseback level after that first one but my horse run away.

Level two tomorrow, maybe.

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There are 1,152,960,944 lines of code in Debian bullseye. #ReleasingDebianBullseye

🎵 This ain't no place for no hero, 🎵 this ain't no place for no better man, 🎵 this ain't no place for no hero, go home. 🎵

Loving this song in but hoping I can beat the level soon. I'm sweaty and exhausted and bullet-ridden and it has been quite a few times now and I'm getting drunker and less skilled each try.

Some might say "Try it on medium instead of hard" but those people are wimps that have dry headsets while mine is water-logged only with sweat instead of water.

I do get further now and then.

Rode my e-bike for an hour across the city and back for a picnic with friends.

That's really properly the range-limit on that thing. Had to do lots of actual pedaling and limit the turbo-boost motor-assist to mostly uphill and the return journey.

Need batteries to be about five times better really so I can just ride the boost all the way there and back and then my legs wouldn't ache tomorrow.

One Trillion Dollars for a messaging app which shuffles the messages so you can't keep track and replaces a proportion of the rest of them with adverts.


What would an uncensorable one be worth?

Less. Probably.

💡Hey! I know!💡

Let's invent a messaging service where we replace ten percent of the messages with adverts, and then shuffle them so nobody can keep track.

What a great messaging service.

We'll be worth a trillion dollars!

A trillion!

-iron -is-going-to-zero.

The only reason the interface sucks so much is that Zuck is a creep. Almost all modern tech is creepy .

Frankly their community standards do not match mine either.

There used to be a "view the feed from members of a list" page, and it was pretty much cronological (if annoyingly reverse-chronological), and you could avoid their fucking AI censorbot by reading that feed. Just add everyone into it. Cool.

Then they did the whole skin-redesign, and, that page wasn't included. It still looked like old blue facebook. I didn't report the bug because I knew what would happen...

Someone reported the bug and Facebook remembered that this page exists.

It had a "This page isn't fully converted" tagline for a while, and then it became the new format and filled with adverts and non-chronological posts and just as messed up as the fucking app I never installed.

They changed it again recently. Now it's just a list of people in the list. You can't even see the censored feed of posts from the people in the list.

It's just a list of people.
The only reason that interface sucks so much is that Zuck is a creep. All modern tech is creepy surveillance capitalism.
We had better filters 20 years ago in usenet.

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You're allowed to re-toot this kinda thing you know, and follow me for more things no longer on facebook.

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Facebook replace your friend's posts with adverts, shuffle them so you can't keep track, profile your confusion to divide you from your friends and sell what remains of your soul to advertisers.

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