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I dunno what fraction of these search-results are paid slots, what proportion of them are Search-Engine-Manipulation scams, which of them are click-farms or how far down the list the real query-results start.

If there even are any that aren't blocked.

The web used to be useable.

Welcome to in #2021

[Ep1 spoilers follow...] 🙈🙈🙈 

It does have some time-travel at least. In the way that the b-story is set a generation earlier. So maybe that's why I like it.

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Been watching "this is us" on the streams. Half way into season two of four.

I usually like space ships and devious plotting by bad guys and laughter in my TV and this is very much not that.

It's emotional and poignant and just about life, and good people living and supporting each other and dying and how everything in life overshadows everything else.

Well. In their lives anyway. Drama. Reality is more of a jumble I suspect.

It keeps making me be cry but I like it.

My legs ache.

It's not a side-effect, it's just a longer walk than I'm used to lately to get there and back.

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Went and got that second jab everyone's raving about. Was pretty much like the first one.

Give my details to a person, who then sends me to another person to give details to again. Loop that a couple of times.

Eventually you get to the boss level where there's a girl with a tiny needle and she takes your details yet again before stabbing you gently in the arm.

Haven't spoken to anyone in meat-space in months, so nice to look someone in the eye and tell them my name and birth date I guess.

Can't see their smile though.

Maybe I'm a robot. Maybe this is what it feels like to be a robot. You can see that there is a place for a checkbox to say you're not a robot, but the checkbox just isn't there. Like the .

If anyone using needs a app then I got what you need!

I also was using nextcloud and needed a mail-list app, but there didn't seem to be one so I made it:

Doubt it'd scale to thousands of list-members, but I should be so lucky to have a list of thousands of members. I'll worry about that if I ever get to a few hundred.

It should cope well with a few hundred I think.

Don’t get me wrong, GitHub Copilot sounds awesome. I love the idea of an AI giving me code suggestions (how cool). What’s not awesome is that free/open code was used to create a closed/proprietary data model and tools that will once again enrich Big Tech douchebags like Musk. tell me that they have searched hard and can't find any mainstream mention of this story.

I don't read/watch enough "mainstream" to have any idea what nonsense they're peddling or ignoring but..

If your newspaper is ignoring the revelation that a witness against a journalist held in jail for journalism has been found to be a liar then maybe you need better newspapers.

In my dystopic sci-fi novel, the human race has made the environment too hot to live in and so they've erected huge warehouse sized cooling-centers where those dying of heat-stroke can go to recover.


"The UK and others are still drilling for more oil and gas to burn, saying it'll be needed to 2050.

It's certainly looking like a climate emergency."

Matt had his hand on his assistant’s arse and she liked it for some reason but he resigned anyway. How will a change of Health minister affect the ?

Adam does a reading to find out.

Sign up for my mail-list or Telegram group:

In usenet days I railed against emoticons even.



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I mean they work in Vim on a terminal over a ssh now, so they're fine. Really.

It surprises me that it works every time I try it, but it's cool. I trust it enough now.

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Have you ever hard-coded an emoji into your source?

It used to be that when you read a newspaper, the newspaper did not also read you. When you watched TV, your TV did not also watch you…

Today when you read, over two dozen organisations whose trackers are embedded on the site also read you. When you watch YouTube, YouTube also watches you.

This is not some tin-foil hat conspiracy theory, it’s simply the business model of mainstream technology. I call this business model people farming.

I tried really hard to watch tonight coz @CarolineLucas but..

The level of debate there is even worse than I remember. The most inane uneducated bullshit from everyone in the panel and their zoom-group.

BBC is nearly dead to me

If there's no Doctor Who soon, that's it.

Youtube is a terrible censor and promotes bullshit to everyone who'll click it, but yet they still they manage a more sophisticated debate than

It's sad they they did it, but they did do it, they broke it. Poor old .

The Ian Duncan Smiths are frequently both sad and hilarious like this.

Here we see Boris and his gang covering Queen's "Flash"

Boss saw the long-long text-chat between me and coworker as we worked together on trying to figure out where latency-bottlenecks were today.

Boss suggests a zoom connection would have made it more efficient.

He's maybe even right for most people. Normals.

But I'm a text person. I comprehend written text well. My edited written replies are breif and precise.

Meanwhile, I comprehend audio speech poorly, saying "what?" a lot. Lots of repetitions.

When I speak without space for on-the-fly edits it reduces that brevity and precision.

Not to mention the fact text-chat gives you the ability to rewind and review easily, gives you timestamps on when changes were made, lets you paste chunks of code, copy command-line gists between you, and also ignore it for a bit when you're concentrating on doing the thing you said you would just do or have popped to the toilet.

People who spend their time in face to face meetings and phone-calls never see the advantages of text.

Often they don't practice it so they can't even type fast.

That's why they want people back in the office. They don't see the efficiencies of text and few of our corporate systems are set up to take advantage of text.

Meanwhile I wanted people to use the IRC when we were sat next to each other.

Thank goodness the chances of me having to do regular in-person voice-channel collaboration are reduced now.

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