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Getting a bunch of hang-up calls today from mobile numbers that are all the same number as mine except for the last two digits.

Strange. Spoofed numbers I assume.

Wonder what that's all about.

Queens speech seems terrifying.

Sounds like they plan an assault on democracy, an assault on the NHS, an assault on internet freedom, more powers to suppress and oppress, and deeper ties with oppressive regimes.


Today's reading on results:

The country is ruined, democracy is supposed to save us but it's been debauched by the the influence of wealth and the idiocy of the electorate which will surely lead to the downfall of the UK.

Get ready folks! July 5th is coming very quick. Have you ordered your ticket for the Rupture?
Only $35 for Eternal Salvation, or Triple Your Money Back!

Editing audio files together to match the script to build the audio for this car-chase film.

Three minutes done, and we're up one minute thirty in the script. So. i guess this might end up being a ten minute film rather than a five minute film.


Will the cars have to go at half speed? That might not be ideal. Might have to lengthen the route.


Explain to a reincarnated Isaac Newton.

He's better at maths than you, but he's never heard of electricity.

The word "Algorithm" is just an Arabic name.

He ran the Royal Mint, so he thinks he knows about money, but only what smart people thought money was 300 years ago. So he thinks money has to be made out of gold.

He's never heard the word or, or or or or , let alone or or .

How many toots will it take you?

Been out to try and overthrow the government. Just the mayor and local government this time.

Voting place was the most full I've ever seen it. Presumably virus-restrictions and multiple complex voting forms making it take each person longer.

Mostly Green with a 2nd-choice vote for Labour for Mayor.

Nice bit of jazz for you this morning from a kitty-pianist and human bassist.

Happy May Day. The oligarchs can fuck themselves.


Gove and Cumming's plotting is fascial and terrible, none of this will stick, Bojo Jojo is Teflon.

I think he might have actually sold his soul to the devil, just in return for "I wanna be able to get away with anything at all without any consequence".

Which is a good option if you're ever in a soul-selling situation. That might be the thing to bargain for.

Couple of callers to James O Brien's show this morning were just like, "He's the prime-minister, so he shouldn't have to do what his ethical advisor says, of course he should be judge of himself" and half his support seem to like it *more* when he's a cunt coz it winds up the liberals.

He's got a majority of 80 and a lead of 20% in the polls. He sacked most of his opponents in the parlimentary party when they wouldn't sign his Brexit deal so he called an election. Most of those left are loyalist to Bojo.

He'll quit when he wants to quit.

Which will probably be before the next election, but there's no way this kinda thing pushes him out.

There was a time when I scorned programs which tried too hard to be "user friendly". They ended up losing all their complexity and configurability and half of their utility.

"I don't want dumbed-down fisher-price software! I am a power user. Stop being friendly and just be powerful!" I'd scream at the cathode-tube monitors.

I miss those days now that most apps are actively user-hostile. Developers putting their effort into dark-patterns, tracking and spying, or tricking their users on behalf of their actual customers: the advertisers and data-hoarders.

They still try and take away all the complexity and configurability to give you a simple dumbed-down interface of course. So it's no better. But now the button just shows adverts instead of doing what you'd think it would do and probably also sends back a profile to home-base.

And they put adverts in the start-menu.

Stand up! Say no to user hostility! No to user friendliness! Be the power user. Delete your proprietary apps.

The idea that people who earn though toil should be punished because they didn't make money by owning things is obviously fucked - not least because if you tax workers' wages it leaves them with less money to buy capital on which to realize gains.

And if you let the ownership class retain more of their income, it lets them buy more stuff on which they can realize those tax-preferenced gains. Preferential tax rates for capital gains are a way to make workers poorer and owners richer, period.


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After last week's successful prediction that the Football Super-league would be killed by fans, this week Adam's ​ reading is about the battle between ​ and ​, between ​ and ​, as we ask: Which lying liar lies the most?

"Preacher" is the best TV I've seen in years and I watch a lot of TV.

Terrible powers, terrible people, cartoon violence, metaphysical themes with comicbook framing and cowboy aesthetic.

I hardly ever write more than a 4* in my TV diary but this show is 5* almost every episode.

These folks reckon that they can pump air through a misty waterfall to dissolve co2 in it, then use a fancy solar-power electrolysis tech to attach the hydrogen in the water to the carbon and release oxygen while generating alcohols that they can filter through nanotubes to get fuel.

I'm definitely rolling to disbelieve for now.

I want to know what happens if I put my cider through their "Maxwell Core" that "allows alcohol through while rejecting water" though.

If they're not just bullshitters then the distilling process could be obsolete!

These files do sound very aesthetically pleasing. I wonder if I could get one to just keep on my phone and never use for anything other than to pleasingly fill space.


"we found that it’s possible to execute arbitrary code on a Cellebrite machine simply by including a specially formatted but otherwise innocuous file in any app on a device that is subsequently plugged into Cellebrite and scanned. There are virtually no limits on the code that can be executed."


"In completely unrelated news, upcoming versions of Signal will be periodically fetching files to place in app storage. These files are never used for anything inside Signal and never interact with Signal software or data, but they look nice, and aesthetics are important in software"

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