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Women being murdered on our streets this month, and police resources here are deployed overnight to ensure a statue of a dead man goes unmolested.

This week in the , MPs are debating the ", Crime, Sentencing and Reports" , designed to crack down on protest.

Adam did a reading to investigate.

The British invented the police, the good old British bobby.....

Another masterpiece from weebl which will surely change the very English Language itself to include some of the more fringe collective nouns here.

twitter is a single cell organism. single cell organisms begin to have problems that get worse as they get bigger so nature has some ways of limiting the allowable size of a cell. twitter is trying to be centralized and gigantic at the same time and it is not working even with artificial support from governments and legacy media companies. the fediverse is a multicellular organism.

With the government planning to pass a bill that bans all which might annoy anybody and which protects statues more than it protects people, it's perhaps time to allow the Super Furry Animals to remind us that all governments are liars and murders and that The Man Don't Give A Fuck about anybody else.

I hear the BBC is reporting about the brave police's batons being brutally attacked by illegal protestor's bleeding heads again.

Shame about being cancelled. Don't suppose there's much chance GB News will pick them up despite saying they want diversity.

Perhaps they should run a kickstarter for a new season now the BBC is too anti-woke.

I have liberated my address book from google!

It's 4:30 in the morning but I done it, I moved all my contacts off of the surveillance capitalist's machines.

Now they are on my .

Mostly the night has been spent deleting people I no longer have any recollection of at all.

There remain many gaps to be filled.

Non-fungible-token art is insanely stupid. I can't believe people are giving away money for that crap.

It's not even a certificate of authenticity, coz there isn't a thing which can be authentic.

It doesn't carry copyright. You could kinda see the point if it carried copyright with it.

It's just bragging-rights, the right to brag about a thing which someone else made. You don't get to brag you made it, just that you own the right to brag.

Topping signal really.

England becomes less and less free. I hope at least the other nations of the UK can escape this monstrous illiberal autocratic mess.

Changes to protest law:

The more I'm forced to contemplate the Royal Family the more I think their heads would look good in a basket.

Hopefully everyone will shut up about them son.

I have drunk a cup of coffee.

Well, half a cup diluted down with half a cup of milk and two sugars.

It was pretty horrible, but bearable.

Don't feel any different. How long does it take to kick in?


"The UK Media Is Not Bigoted" say the UK media's editor's guild when someone points out their bigotry.

In other news: War Is Peace, Freedom Is Slavery, and Ignorance Is Strength.


If royalty makes sense then shut up you prole. How *dare* you question your betters and superiors. These people were picked by God to rule over you!

Or else the monarchy is bollocks, in which case stop criticizing individual members trying to leave it and join the campaign to abolish it entirely.

Just a reminder: Monarchy is stupid and all royals should be deposed.

I call again for the overthrown of the queen and the replacement of all hereditary positions in this benighted terrible constitution.

Bookmarked: Stumbling and Mumbling: The left after the Budget

Good advice for Labour after the bugdet, which they will not follow of course


I like

You can see why people think he's an arrogant braggart. I mean. He is.

But he's also smart and eloquent and mostly right with a good understanding of the crypto-currency stuff.

And he rants like a monster. I love that part. The ranting.

This is his best in ages. The interviewer barely speaks but somehow brings out the best in Richard anyway.

If you like to listen to hours of talking then this is hours of talking about crypto stuff!

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