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Look out everyone! The big bad dangerous free-speech media is very threatening and concerning. But don't worry, the New York Times is here to protect you from having to hear people who say things you disagree with.

Been thinking I might want to get into but it tastes and smells damned nasty.

What's the coffee with the most buzz yet mildest taste for me to slowly acclimatize myself to it's nastiness?

Some good library-dependency hacks described here.

All our software systems are so dependent upon each other.

Politicians being interviewed on Zoom who have a union flag in the background just hanging around like it's normal to have in your house.

What a world.

Old-First is probably not the optimal vaccination strategy if you ask me by the way.

I think there's more to be said for workers-first. Especially public-facing-workers-first.

Possibly children after that, so you can open the schools.

Old people aren't super-spreaders, in general are they?

You wanna vaccinate your super-spreaders I reckon.

But I thought team lesser-evil had won? How can it be that they're still pursuing a journalist with legal action that'll keep in in solitary until he kills himself?

It's international day so I deleted whatsapp.

About half an hour late. Busy day. Almost forgot.

So, this is hard to read because of all the frothing at the mouth, but by the time I got to the end of it I was seeing red too:

It's about journalists being predatory outrage culture shitbags.

Folks not in the uk! You can now buy my word cloud tarot decks too!

International orders accepted.

These are the easiest tarot cards to use or learn with because the meanings of the cards are written onto the face of each one in a word cloud.

They're also glossy and black and beautiful with aliens on them.

Our deck is now available internationally! Even those not in the UK can order a copy of the deck now.

To celebrate, Adam did a reading on International Relations.

The history of the countries of the world was driven by independence and individuality (the fool). The naive and foolish countries would need marriage and children to bind their countries together.

But good international relationships bring hidden rewards: (3 Cups) Abundance, bountiful inventiveness from cross-pollination, the wealth of opportunity abroad.

So courageous leaders (Knight Wands) brought courage and aspiration, applied risk-taking and game-theory to develop new ways for countries to relate.

Leading us now into the world-order driven by money (ace pentacles) which moderates the independence of nations and encourages cooperation, and investment.

It looks like these trends will continue into the future if we can find informed educated leaders (King Cups) who can communicate and teach, boosting knowledge of each country’s culture and bringing gentleness and generosity to international relations.

If you don’t like this reading you can do your own by buying the Word Cloud Tarot deck from - it’s the easiest tarot deck to use in the world!

BBC interviewer on Woman's hour asks repeatedly: "how many female imams are there?"

How many female Allahs are there for that matter?

And how many female Jehovahs? Or Yahweh's?

How many female "Bob's"?


Unless you're worshipping Eris your religion is misogynistic and patriarchal. That's just a fact

And even if you are worshipping Eris, your religion is still made up bollocks.

I can report that the vr version of episode two of my series "Observers" has gotten about 20 viewers while the flat-screen version has nearly 100 viewers.

Can this mean that around one in six people have a vr headset now?

I suspect not, and that most views of the 360-degree version are just looking around on a flat-screen with a mouse. You really need a VR hat to see the point of the 360.

Which is better?

Flat screen:


After an extremely exclusive premier, the next episode of my short "Observers" is out and you can watch it right now.

It's called "Short Squeeze" and the aliens look into and and finding earthlings to be quite hilarious.

Flat screen:

Or #360 :

New episode of my -fi series "Observers" is premiering at Noon GMT tomorrow, Saturday 6th Feb.

It's called "Short Squeeze" and the aliens cast their gaze upon the short squeeze.

Is it worth the wait to do the Premier thing? It's supposed to be topical. It's already like five days late.

Looking forward to international day on Monday.

Only my band have refused to move to Signal and will have to fallback on email/SMS.

All the other alive threads from Whatsapp seemed keen to move and did it faster than I expected.

My servers have things on port 80 and port 443 already so I don't have any spare server-ports to run the new proxy without having to spin up new machines.

Interesting that Whatsapp isn't blocked in Iran but Signal is. Hard to imagine Facebook doing an Iran proxy scheme.

Latest Mindscape podcast talking about morphology and bio-electrical circuits and programming flatworm regrowth and the nature of a multi-cellular self was awesome.

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