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Gorn the gladiator game is out on the Quest and it's great. Same as the Vive really.

Those gladiators injured me again though. Smashed my finger into the shelf. Luckily the controllers stood the smash.

Listen, you gotta stop living in the moment everyone. The moment is old-hat.

The future, that's where it's at. About two weeks hence. That's where the action happens. Plans get made. Things get arranged.

By the time the moment happens, I'm already busy doing something else. You missed the boat.

The moment is behind the times.

We live under capitalism, not democracy. The sooner you understand that, far from being complementary, these two ideologies are diametrically opposed, and yes, that this is a zero-sum game, the sooner things start to make sense.

I found this detailed description of the plan enlightening.

Financial engineering is a tricky business. Not as tricky as coordinating thousands of people who can make money by defecting though.

So that about wraps it up for the pretense that the stock markets are free. Nobody can pretend to believe that any more.

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Robinhood chickened out and blocked trades on and things.

They did this of course to protect rich people, just like the guy they're named after was always robbing the poor to give to the rich.

POV: you are a Wall Street hedge fund manager checking your GME short positions

I guessed at "2 years" as the length of an epidemic. Just from eyeballing the 1918 one back in Feb.

Will be very cool if these vaccines manage to cut it to 18 months.

Will be even better next time if we can figure out a way of doing the safety trials faster.

The actual vaccine was ready in a matter of weeks really.

I think the ethics systems that control our medical experiments might have been responsible for many deaths. Could have been tested on volunteers deliberately infected by May if that was allowed.

Emojii react button in Facebook means "train the AI that these types of comments are funny, that I enjoy these kinds of comments and adjust the adverts that manipulate me according to what ever best suits the purposes of the advertisers.

That's why I always just use "like", and sparingly.

Emojii react system in Signal just means "tell this group of people I found it funny."

Which is quite liberating.

I didn't invent the idea of Cultural Appropriation so as far as I can tell it would be an appropriation of someone woke person's culture for me to start believing in Cultural Appropriation now.

Cultural appropriation is awesome!

That's how all cultures are made. Mix and match.

I do it every day.

This week Adam noticed that Johnson is planning to visit to save the union! Not the Union, obviously, the Union of the .

We ask the how that’ll go.

The cards tell us that the the history of Scotland’s place in the UK has been one of betrayal and debauchery. They’re abused and suppressed and many turned to drunkenness and decadent laziness. They are currently feeling dejected, and remorseful at their betrayal by this Vote Leave government. They are disappointed and regretful.

They have a plan for the future though: a stand-alone country with rulers who are pragmatic and decisioned. Rationalists and artists and thinkers rather than whatever this Brexit government is.

But here comes Boris, bringing an intervention! He cases strife and contradiction and upheaval. He brings with him the full power of the British state: Cation and conservatism and hard power!

But his obstacle though is the romance of a new state itself, the mystery and air of possibility that will be conjured by the idea of a new free Scotland.

The final outcome will be change. But a scientific synthesis of ideas. Perhaps independence, yes, but with some way to retain Scotland’s old ties to the British union. Perhaps dual citizenship for all or some other fusion of ideas.

You an buy the Word Cloud Tarot deck from - it’s the easiest tarot deck to use in the world!

I don't wanna use the because it's too public.

Say people on Facebook, the most surveilled communications network in history.

"I do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic; that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same; that I take this obligation freely, without any mental reservation or purpose of evasion"

What would one be expected to do if one were elected with an explicit determination to have a constitutional convention and poll the people to invent a new system to replace the constitution of the united states of America with a better one with even more liberty for all and super-justice and uber-freedom?

Should one swear that oath?

Scott Alexander is back posting again. Now on a Substack.

That means I have to finally decide how much money he deserves once I sober up I suppose!

I'm pressing subscribe regardless and so should you.

That old indo-european word "ṛta" ends up meaning a lot of things after it splits and split and splits and splits meaning eh?

From Scott:
"The top and bottom chess sets in this picture are exactly the same color [...] "a slightly different context can confuse our brains so completely that we mistake white for black and vice versa. I believe the same laws of thought apply in the frontal lobe as in the visual cortex. The same forces that transform gray chess sets to white or black, outside our conscious control or comprehension, influence how we think about policies, coalitions, and principles, making them appear self-evidently good or viciously evil. I think this is the century where we'll either learn to understand and deal with our cognitive biases, or else all kill each other."

Amazing. Welcome back Scott.

300m: left turn
500m: left turn
800m: right turn onto bridge
1700m: Exit bridge straight over crossroads
2100m: Hit top roundabout
2300m: Exit top roundabout
2700m: Left turn
2800m: Left turn
2800m: Left turn
2900m: Right turn
3600m: Left turn
3700m: Right turn back onto bridge
4600m: Exit bridge,
4800m: Cross roundabout
5100m: Right turn
5200m: Left turn
5200m: Left turn
5300m: Straight on at lighthouse
6000m: Final Jump

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