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Looking at Lbry, some kind of distributed video (and misc.) file-hosting system.

Which sounds good.

Seems like it come with some kind of shitcoin attached though. Which makes me sceptical.

Still, it appears to have successfully allowed me to host a video on it. Here's me singing a song to test it.

display all over town last night, with quadcopter-drones too.

Pretty impressive.

Saw the Arsenal ones from my window. Thought the neighbours had gone a bit overboard. Should have figured it'd be the stadium. They're always the noisy ones.

Enjoyed this captivating 15 minutes of Veritasium showing a few perspective illusions.

"If you need to know more about the work done by The Justified Ancients of Mu Mu, The Timelords or The KLF, you can find truths, rumours and half-truths scattered across the internet.

From these truths, rumours and half-truths, you can form your own opinions.

The actual facts were washed down a storm drain in Brixton some time in the late 20th century."

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Good news for KLF fans. They're re-releasing some of those songs they deleted 29 years ago with a greatest hits album on the streams.

And there's a new version of 3am Eternal with Extreme Noise Terror too.

They've rejoined the music business I guess.

Oh, and if you wanna ship something to/from Northern Ireland then you're totally free to have customs checks on the way!

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Well done on the completion of .

You are now free!

I mean, you can't go on holiday in the EU for more than 90 days any more, but you are free to not do that!

You'll need to get a visa if you want to work abroad, but you're totally free to do that!

And if you run a business selling to the EU then there'll be lots of forms and maybe taxes, but you are free to fill in those forms and pay those taxes!

Of course freedom isn't free, and prices in general will be going up, but you are totally free to pay the increased prices.

Just went through the French midnight with Jean Michelle Jarre in a concert. There was French people trying to talk to me but I was muted and don't speak french and had Jarre turned up over them anyway.

So that's a weird thing.

Still an hour to go here in London, but I already threw the confetti and watched the countdown.

Had a pretty slackfull year all in all. I know done folks went through hell, but I mostly sat on my arse even more than usual.

Here's to the end of it anyway.

So that's it then.

Brexit, now Labour Approved!

Ayes: 521
Noes: 73

"In light of the SEC’s recent action against Ripple Labs, Inc., Coinbase plans to suspend trading in XRP on Tuesday, January 19, 2021 at 10 AM PST."

It's starting then, looks like other exchanges are following suit. Ripple may end up being a thing you can only trade with a registered broker like Apple stock or IBM shares.

All the ICO coins can go the same way really. Anything that did a funds-raise by issuing a token will get the SEC's interest eventually.

And you can't just sell it on to the next sucker once trading is suspended. You're just left holding a bag of worthless shitcoins.

I'm old enough to remember when the party would actually oppose government instead of meekly voting along with anything they suggested and forcing their MPs to quit the front bench if they want to do otherwise.

Those were some wild times eh?

I've spent apparently most of the day listening to old episodes of the Mindscape podcast while failing to do all the things I wanted to do instead.

It was good though.

The pan-psychist who thinks the whole universe is made of conscious was utterly unconvincing.

And yet Tegmark argues amazingly well and is probably right that the whole universe is made of maths.

Other honourable mention is Cory Doctorow is just a hero isn't he? Deep understanding of politics and copyright and corporate government power.

"Intrinsic Value" is clearly a none-thing as the phrase is usually used, in opposition to "subjective value".

To "value" is a verb, and it needs a subject and an object.

When Peter Shiff tries to claim Gold has "intrinsic value" but dollars only have "subjective value" he's just flat out wrong.

There is no such thing as intrinsic value in that sense. Being valuable to a jeweller doesn't make a thing value to an alien civilisation, or a starving man.

However, there are things which can be both the subject and the object of the verb at the same time: People. Animals. Computer programs. Lists.

Here's something with "intrinsic value", it is a list of things valuable to this list:

1) The Queen
2) Your mum
3) This list
4) 1 oz of Gold

This list is intrinsically valuable, because according to it's own valuing system it has the value of three.

But a thing being intrinsically value only means it matters to itself. It doesn't mean I have to give a fuck.

That fly I just swatted was no doubt intrinsically valuable: it valued itself.

Possibly even more than I valued the lack of buzzing noises, but while it had intrinsic value it did not have much power.

A fly has more intrinsic value than gold, but you can still swat it with a gold bar. Or a newspaper.

I spent a substantial portion of today getting more wrong than this version, which is definitely the best version of the day.

Private enterprise it neither right nor wrong.

Please remember that as you listen.

Enjoyed the deep-fake Queen's message more than the real one.

Course, that was true when I got it in printed form and enjoyed the Private Eye version more than the real one too.

Merry everyone.

I built my robot squid companion early in lock down, and she has been an annoyance ever since.

She's mostly a cookoo clock, with a Bitcoin price ticker.

She regularly frightens the hell out of me.

The first to remind me it's xmas, and obey the instruction to wish me well.

Yesterday all her lava lamp bulbs blew all at once, so they are dark here tonight.

I've been doing constructive things, though not the ones I should be doing.

Love y'all.

I assume the squealing and stamping upstairs is Christmas cheer.

It's nice they're excited.

Gonna be out of snacks by Xmas day if I'm not careful.

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