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Eventually I decide to do a controlled demolition. These outer-skins are going to need to be pierced. I'm unsure how the fluid-dynamics and pressure is going to pan out, but it feels less likely to burst explosively with a pin-prick now than just waiting until nature takes it course and wakes me up with a wet cider bang in the middle of the night.

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For weeks, every bottle of juice or squash I empty, I wash out and immediately fill with cider. I'd open the taps every morning to let out the built-up gas, but the gas is mostly in the second-lining somehow, and the bags are heavy and can't be easily manipulated. If it's possible to bubble the gas towards the tap somehow then I can't figure out how.

But it still wasn't enough and these things were clearly going to burst.

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The bag is busting out of the box, and its fluid and sloshing and it might fall to the floor, so I have to kind of tape it into the box.

I drain what I can into the flagons that I happen to have stored. But the gas in these bags is way more volumous than the cider I'm drinking, and the bags in all three are expanding more quickly than I can drink.

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Until it wakes me up one morning.

Strong dry cloudy scrumpy cider is a living thing, it breathes, and the bag inside the box has some kind of double-lining presumably to account for this. And the outer one is swelling. The bag is expanding, and the box is stretching, and the tape holding the box closed is losing it's grip.

Making it click, click, click, every few seconds. Threatening to burst.

Fearing it might explode, or leak, I move them away from all electrical equipment.

I open the most noisy box to give it room to expand.

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When I emailed and asked why, they said the shipping company reckoned one was damaged. And because they're great, they immediately had another sent out.

Then the next day, the second box arrived after all.

And after the weekend, the third one they sent out as a replacement.

I pay for the third box too coz that's only fair frankly. I would have bought it eventually anyway.

But now I have too much cider. Won't fit in their space on top of the fridge.

But that's okay.

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[Thread] Did I ever tell you about the time I had too much cider?

I ordered a couple of boxes from the amazing

They'll send you like 40 pints of really great strong dry cloudy scrumpy cider that's non-fizzy for about fifty quid. In a big box like a wine-box only bigger and more cidery.

Perfect. I've had a couple delivered a few times.

This one time, instead of two arriving, only one did.


"J.R. "Bob" Dobbs and the Church of the SubGenius" (Documentary. Sandy K. Boone, 2019)





1:00AM Greenwich Mean Time

Live commentary by director Sandy K. Boone, Rev. Ivan Stang, Dr. Philo Drummond, Dr. Hal, writer Jason Wheling and others.


Willy Woo is easily the best guest Tone Vays ever has on his show.

Technical stuff, lots of graps and analysis of the stuff happening on-chain rather than just on exchange and prices.

How about, instead of a bank suggesting we tax home workers, we tax the fucking banks.

The headlines tell us that a vaccine with 90% effectiveness has shown itself free of side-effects in a trial. The stock-markets have jumped, and people ponder a path back to normal life.

In today's reading we find that the hope that the vaccine can stop the death, worry and hard-slog caused by the virus will likely lead to disappointment. The science may be sound, but the people's passions and superstitious may be the obstacle. Still, the cards indicate this may be overcome leading long-term to a significant far-reaching innovation.

And I'll only be properly convinced that the lesser-evil won if there's no new wars in the next few years.

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Woot! Hurray! Lesser evil wins! All right! Woo! Yeah!

You may soon see court-cases trying to judge whether statistical fluctuations in the flow of votes through the ballot-counting system are high-probability or low-probability distributions and if that is evidence of fraud.

I am not confident court generally understand mathematics.

Try to keep XKCD882 in mind.

If the people have fair representation and the system properly distributes power then you don't get separatist nationalism.

If you fix the UK/USA/EU then it's just a union of countries, freely cooperating, and that's all good and cool.

But nobody wants to stay in a system where they get unfair representation and power is centralized somewhere outside your influence.

Except of course those who have the outsized influence over centralized power.

They're the ones in control though, which is what makes it all so tricky.

I support the regions that want to separate from centralized control by Westminster. They are unrepresentative, have a culture of centralizing power, and are both corrupt and incompetent.

So sure, good luck Wales!

Bookmarked: Poland’s Feminists Are Fighting Back | The Nib

Comicbook style description of Poland's current feminist revolt.

Unless you switch to another top-level domain it's going to look like you're trying to hold on to an old imperialistic past.

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