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Nvideo call it "AI video compression" but really it's just sending a digital mask of yourself and then telling an avatar of your face to wear it.

Might as well be a properly photoshopped version, maybe take off a few years. Or become a furry animal.

There was an hilarious bit in Infinite Jest about the birth rise and fall of video calls, ending with everyone just going back to audio coz who needs to have two masks animate at each other while the users are distracted and doodling anyway?

To which I would also add advanced nuclear power plants and genetic bio-research programs, but the party are against me there.

Because governments can tax, they can invest in projects which have a positive return on investment to the whole of society even when those projects are financially unviable to a private company that can't tax the general increase in wealth.

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The way to make new jobs and new houses is to directly
employ people to build new houses. And since we're directly employing people, new houses and windmills isn't all we need.

We also need to green up the existing houses, remove everyone's carbon-burning boilers and replace them, upgrade the rail network, improve battery technology, and all the other things on the Green Party's New-Deal wish list.

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Lots of wind turbines is good.

Trouble is that it's not even two hundred million quid, which isn't even close.

With green investment the Tory problem isn't so much that they can't see society, as that they see investment as a way to funnel money to private hands instead of build up the country's physical (rather than financial) wealth.

So they can only do it if it's profitable, and if it can
be privatized.

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When an individual has no home, being able to borrow more might help them buy one. But when society doesn't have enough homes being able to borrow more just pushes up the prices, encourages a debt-crisis, and houses exactly zero extra people.

Well. Maybe some bankers get better mansions.

A 5% deposit is like trading the properly market on 20x margin. Even if there are many winners, there will also be many bankruptcies.

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When an individual has no job, being able to train up to improve their chances is a good move. But when a society doesn't have enough jobs training everyone for jobs that don't exist doesn't create extra demand, doesn't create any opportunities except for some teaching roles.

Having ten qualified applicants for each job isn't really better than having two.

Training should be there for anyone who wants it, should have been all along, but the only job-demand that it creates is for teaching jobs.

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Heard most of the Prime Minister's conference zoom.

He wants to.
1) Give people job-training
2) Let people buy a house with a smaller deposit
3) Build a lot of windmills

Which is nice.

The trouble is that the Tories can only think on an individual level. They can't see society.

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Damnit, I give up.

Maybe it'll make more sense tomorrow.

Stupid 3D programming, it does my head in.

We seem to be at the point in the cycle where I'm the one telling people their conspiracy theories are crazy nonsense when it's supposed to be the other way around.

I'm supposed to be the crazy conspiracy zealot here people, I dunno. You're locked up for a few months and you go all paranoid and crazy. You have no discernment people! You can't just believe them all whilly-nilly.

Progress! Out of stock for now though. Currently blocked awaiting printable sticky labels to put bar-codes on all the things before I can ship 'em to Amazon.

Shouldn't be long now.

Affiliate link coz otherwise Amazon make themselves affiliate and take a fiver for the shop-front search for my own stuff.

I lolled quite a lot of times during the South Park Pandemic Special, more than most other shows for ages.

Nice show.

Main things then:

1) You are the product.
Not in the Fediverse you ain't.

2) You are spied upon.
The Fediverse sees your toots, but does not measure your engagement.

3) They hide and re-order posts.
The Fediverse does not do that.

4) They try to addict you
The Fediverse does not try to do that. It may accidentally do that.

5) They censor the world to put you in an echo chamber.
The Fediverse may be worse at that.

6) They can't tell you if you are reading lies.
Well, no. Nor can anyone else.

7) Your attention is for sale.
Not on the Fediverse.

I find that the Fediverse model stands up pretty well against the issues raised by the film Social Dilemma. Solves like five out of seven problems.

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"We can demand that the products are designed humanely"

We can. And we should.

But you can't demand that of a corporation owned by shareholders, because they will ignore you.

The network we use to talk to each other must be owned by each other. By ourselves.

If we let MegaCorp censor and sort our messages they will do it for the benefit of the rich.

The commentators must own the means of commentating.

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Failing the meet the challenge of climate change is the existential threat, yep.

But then we were going to do that anyway. Social media isn't preventing that. The traditional media wasn't preventing it either. The socials stand more chance of overturning the status-quo if you ask me.

Ruining the global economy? That was built-in from the start. It was always a Ponzi-scheme.

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A senator or someone (?) is asking "This scares me to death, do you see it the same way?"

In fact I do.

This isn't existential stuff for the human race, but it's existential stuff for civilisation and certainly for the current power-hierarchy.

I still think it can make things better if we do it right, which is indeed the end of the old ways.

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"If we can't agree on what's true then we can't navigate any of our problems"

When the BBC told us what was true, it did not make it actually true. Our agreeing on it's truth did not change the facts of the matter.

Discord is natural but shouldn't mean we have to fight.

We have never in history agreed about what is true. Unless you'd like to disagree with me about that?

You have to live with the discord somehow.

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"Do we want this system to be for sale"


But does making it free actually improve the situation?

Genuine question about the there.

It's more open, but does that just make it more open to manipulation?

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"It's like remote-control warfare. One country can invade another without crossing it's borders."

Which is true of the BBC, RT, USA-Today, every country's world-service.

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A reporter is asking Zuck "Knowing what you know now, do you believe Facebook had an effect on the election."

He struggles to answer, like a robot with a conundrum.

The obvious answer is "Yes, but not as much as the New York Times, or the Wall Street Journal, or NSMBC or Fox news."

I mean, those guys have been effecting the elections for so long you could almost call it dictation.

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There is another thing that they can do other than censor and delay. They can also insert.

That's advertising of course.

"Give me a thousand gullible flat-earth types, and tell them my message.'" is a powerful thing to be able to do.

Does the Fediverse protect against this?


You can identity idiots by their posts and send them any message you want and you don't even have to pay Facebook to do it.

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