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Amazing how "Doing Research" stopped meaning performing any kind of experiment at all and came to mean googling your prejudices until you get confirmation.

Amazing pictures in the New England Journal Of Medicine of a the CoV2 virus matted around the ciliated strands of a lung-cell in a lab.

I think that "Virus production was approximately 3×10^6 plaque-forming units per culture" means that every virus-infected cell made three million new viruses? Maybe.

Sky Drugs! Free sky drugs!

Good campaigning technique. Sounds like they got caught though :(

They used a to drop free from the sky!

Happy Toast's work. I've been wondering how come riots in Trumps America can be blamed on some other candidate.

Holy shit I'm reading leviticus and look what it says:

"When immigrants live in your land with you, you must not cheat them. Any immigrant who lives with you must be treated as if they were one of your citizens. You must love them as yourself, because you were immigrants in the land of Egypt; I am the Lord your God."

Christians in America treat immigrants with fear and violate their human rights through ICE. How is that Christian?? God said to chill in YOUR book!

Ah @Nat, welcome. Glad you ade it. Sorry the emails took so long to arrive.

You were the hardest most spam-proofed of the email providers out there. Getting email into your inbox required more effort than anyone else's!

Congratulations to your email team on their over-exuberant spam-proofing. ;)

Zoom-training done. I have now been told about the Age Appropriate Design Code.

Tend to not want to track users, nor provide services to kids, personally. But bosses sometimes ask me to do both those things so now I guess I have more ways to say "no" at that point.

Grocery shopping did indeed arrive during it, but no video-sharing was required.

Welcome to the fediverse @PocketGinge and @Ecotecture and @Paygan and @Nat and @SmokeyJoe

How lovely to see you all. I do how you'll stick around and find some friends.

Email to you was probably not getting through. There is a higher chance that it is now, but I seem to be on a blocklist as a result of earlier misconfiguration. Working on it.

Meanwhile manually activated all your accounts. But you won't know that, on account of not getting the email.

Hi @Andi and @Oldgit - welcome to the fediverse.

I manually activated both of your accounts. We are definitely on a spam-blocklist already.

Probably my screwing something up I expect, but I've reconfigured some things and requested a removal from the block-lists.

Suspect you'll have not got the email notifications that I did that.

Welcome @Doc_Strange - another friend joining me here!

The beginning days of forums feel quite spammy don't they. You can see why the emails trigger the spam-AI. Mostly just welcome messages and probably mostly people never logging in more than once.

Humm. 33% chance scheduled grocery-delivery will coincide with zoom training.

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Trouble with all these training sessions being over Zoom now is that it's almost costless for the boss to ask me to attend and I have fewer possible excuses.

Even ' gets worse when the crowds arrive.

Welcome to the fediverse @rolo - is this your first fediverse account? Seems likely you would have already had one somewhere.

A warm welcome to the Fediverse for @Spanglymole too, glad to have you on-board :)

Welcome to the Fediverse @NoddingDog - glad you have you here :)

just gets more and more incredible. The releases are coming so fast. And you have to talk fast to say all the things in the new one in five minutes.

Welcome @Blotonthelandscape !

Hope it turns out you can get email alerts. Email being in spam is understandable but not arriving at all is just weird.

Welcome to the fediverse @judge, good to have you here.

Welcome to the fediverse @MetastableKelt - first person registered here who I ain't sure which friend they are.

Nice op-sec. ;)

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