@nuala In the monastery I was at they pointed out all the paintings of the nuns had their eyes shut.

Apparently that's coz they were only allowed to paint them after they were dead.

@saxnot A bunch of USians came to visit us once. They all said how they loved a more relaxed European culture.

But they all wanted to be back home, coz back home you can really *make* it! Not just be a lazy working class slob, but get the power to order hard-working working-class slobs around!

People prefer a long-shot at the top of a steep ladder than an easier shot at a more horizontal one.

It's more exciting.

But it is weird, yeah. Not the slackfull way, and they were supposed to be a bunch of slackers.

@mxtthxw A party for republicans?

Dancing clubs where they don't allow queens aren't the best kind of dancing clubs.

You want your dancing clubs to allow drag queens at the very least.

Huh. Conference says they want Proportional Representation in parliament in the Labour manifesto:


Starmer says he'll ignore it.

He can do that?

No wonder the party leadership don't like , they don't even want it in their own party.

it's coming - #walledculture the book - tomorrow. you can download your *free* (#CC0 licence) digital copies then, or preorder now your analogue books, priced super low, close to cost, here: walledculture.org/the-book/ #copyright

ukpol economics 

@TheoEsc @xth The bankers enrich those who are in credit while they impoverish those in debt.

The politicians enrich those who are already rich while cutting services directed at the poor.

Meanwhile the inflation affects the poor more than the rich too.

Their actions are all having the effect of moving wealth from the poor towards the rich, even if they are fighting about how much the rich should get.

ukpol economics 

@TheoEsc @xth They're operating in concert really. The politicians are taking money from the poor and giving it to the rich whereas the bankers are taking money from the poor and giving it to the bankers.

ukpol economics 

@TheoEsc the bankers are trying to crash the car into a wall but the politicians are trying to drive it over a cliff.

Can't wait to see who wins.

The zoomers I know are really smart and tolerant and woke and right-on and if they finally get to outnumber their elders they'll do a way better job of running the world.

My samples are inevitably incredibly biased, and tiny. If you know more than a classroom full you know better than me. So I dunno. Tell me if I'm wrong.

I don't think they'll get the chance to fix the world though, because wealth becomes entrenched, and existential risks accrue, and the low birth rate means in the wealthy countries the old will outnumber the young.

And then the super-intelligence will likely just kill everyone before the century is out, even if the ice caps can be held at bay and the oil crisis doesn't result in nuclear war.

If we stay a democracy, we become a gerontocracy, while having an inverted pyramid in age distribution.

None of that ends well.

Fingers crossed for moores law frankly, because if we don't get continual exponential growth we do actually all die.

@atomicpoet Ageing populations are famously tolerant of difference and immigrants of course.


The old may luckily and judiciously have little choice though.

Canada probably has a better chance than England with attracting and accepting immigrants.

England's isolationism will go down with the ship.

Scotland and Wales might escape in independence life-boats.

Those Celtic communities may gladly accept help from browner-faced climate refugees, but England will insist it must drown alone, and fight those who would escape or try to help.

That's what we are now.


Brexit Britain sucks just as much as the rest of the world and then a bit more.

Remember this the next time you hear that the UK is a democracy:

* Unelected head of state

* Prime Minister elected by 0.2% of the population.

Apparently this conference will vote on again.

I hope they don't let the unions screw it up for them again like last time.

@atomicpoet Surely when one retires one ceases having money to go anywhere?

Instead of being Labour earning wages, one becomes Capital taking profit.

Probably with a blury line in-between and bearing in mind that most people didn't actually save very much if any capital.

I think the boomers are mostly retired already. Gen-Xers like me are gonna start retiring before the decade is out.

What will be the effects of the end of demand for stocks/pensions and the increasing demands of the old on the proportionally lower productive labour force be?

I don't know for sure.

I reckon you gotta think in probability distributions and ensure your eggs aren't in one basket and you're never all-in.

Even then, this macro looks horrible. There are no safe havens.

If you don't learn how to use your software, your software will learn how to use you.

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I am using it primarily for Twitter at the moment, and my god it's better having these things in a well designed reader instead of letting the algorithm dictate what you read based on corporate interests.

I'm using as my reader with rules to sort feeds into Skim/Follow/Stalk with sub-trees of a couple of categories.

Often just marking whole tranches of "skim" things as read without reading them.

Making sure I read every post from everyone in my Stalk list, even those that are replies to people I never heard of.

Automatically marking read replies to people I never heard of for people in the Follow list.

Similar stalk/follow/skim structure for the longer-form RSS feeds that mostly ain't twitter.

When one guy I followed was kicked off of Twitter, I just edited his feed to point at an RSS of his Telegram and it's like he was never cancelled.

You can't let the corporate-controlled algorithms control what you see my friends. You gotta take control yourself somehow.

Even if that means learning to use an RSS reader.

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Want to follow users with a fairly nice RSS feed?

Want to mix in users too?

Fed up with feeds which don't include a preview of the links they mention?

All these things can be fixed if you just fuzz with the feeds enough.

If you have a server running PHP/Apache then you can install this little bit of software I wrote and it'll do all those things.

I call it , cuz it fuzzes with feeds.


EG: Fetching an RSS of my twitter account:


Or if you wanted a nicer RSS of my Mastodon account than Mastodon provides by default:


Or if you wanted to just add previews to links on some RSS feed?

Well, the normal Mastodon RSS feed for my account is at: boing.world/@pre.rss

Stupid thing doesn't include preview boxes of the first link. But this does:


It's locked down and will only serve those three links to your IP. My RSS reader is whitelisted for others.

Install it yourself on your own server if you want to actually use it.

I intend to continue to fuzz with feeds when they are annoying, and add things as I need them, but to do it slackfully when I can be arsed.

I finally made it able to have an IP-whitelist and a path-whitelist a while back so it's safe to publish now without any risk of anyone overloading my cache space.

If you hate Trump, Trump is the distraction that keeps you from seeing the fnords.

If you hate Biden, Biden is the distraction that keeps you from seeing the fnords.

Many other things can distract you from seeing the fnords.

Sending your money to "Bob" does not keep you from seeing the fnords.

The Book of the SubGenius is so full of fnords you might miss them.


Latest updates from my Tesco groceries delivery.

Drive will be late, it'll arrive at 14:20.

No, more delays, it'll arrive at 20:55.

No, running even later, it'll be 22:00

No, we were wrong, actually it should arrive by 02:00, 2am.

Thing is, it arrived about 13:20 exactly as I asked for. Presumably they didn't mark it on their doodad that they've delivered it.

Wonder if I'll just keep getting updates every 4 hours forever now.

Dunno what counts as a blog? Does substack? Does Medium? They have RSS. Here's a few of the RSS feeds in my reader:

Scott Alexander:

Scott Aaronson:

Robin Hanson:

Cory Doctorow:

Catlin Johnstone:

Yanis Voroufakis:

Jamie Zawinski

George Monbiot:

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