@z428 @JohanEmpa

Heh. Indeed. I hope my thread-reader will be as easy to operate as Vim.

Hopefully Activitypub means everyone can find the interface to suit them.

@z428 @JohanEmpa

Guess if it's programmable enough then someone can program an automated-ai thing that hides your friends posts to show you adverts instead if that's what people seem to want.


And the Mastodon API does look like it is plenty programmable, so hopefully it'll turn out reasonably easy to build some experiments if I ever get around to it.

@z428 @JohanEmpa
There's a reason we don't all use usenet still, certainly.

It was some combination of spam and being impossible to moderate and being too complex for non-geeks.

Suspect any programmable feed-reader is likewise gonna always be niche and geeky.

People who can't program want the automated thing they are getting I suppose.

@JohanEmpa @z428

Cronological would be nice! Reverse-cronological is what we actually get and then you even see follow-up posts before you see the thread-starting post.

If only programming wasn't so difficult and time consuming.

I'd like to carry on where I left off and see replies to posts after the post itself.

Used to have much better clients to read usenet 20 years ago. Things have actually gone backwards.

@JohanEmpa @z428
Yeah. Thinking about, certainly.

Still wondering if I should learn Ruby and just hack on Mastodon or do something stand-alone, or possibly even a nextcloud app?

Leaning towards stand-alone Vue.js app using the Masto and Twitter APIs.

But not much more than dreams and a few notes in my diary so far.

@z428 @JohanEmpa @Gargron
Yeah. Room for improvement, for sure.

It's better than it was though. I remember when there were no lists at all!

@z428 @JohanEmpa

Tweetdeck and Multi-column Mastodon give you the bear-bones of the sorts of things I want.

Not a hope of getting that out of Facebook, but I'm giving up on Facebook anyway.

In theory all the things I need to do before I start writing my ThreadReader system are done now, but I expect it'll still be ages before I even make a start. At least years before it'd actually be better.

Organising contacts into lists, keyword muting, filtering, searching.

Things where I can understand what I'm ruling in and out rather than trusting some arcane and unfathomable AI trained on shoddy data that always seems to end up hiding posts from me that I'd have been able to mark as priority in a programmable feed.

@rysiek I currently am using Firefox to watch a TV show on one machine, while also using Firefox to reply to this message with another machine.

Meanwhile, Firefox on my phone continues to monitor the state of my Raspberry PI lights-controller and so allow me to change the lights if the randomly selected colours are all wrong.

The Raspberry PI display itself is running Chrome though. Should probably install Firefox.

@rysiek Literally all the time.

Really it should be called Gnu/Linux/Firefox not just Linux.

Most of the time I'm using Firefox more than once. Not only in lots of tabs on one machine, but also in lots of tabs on the phone and sometimes even the VR headset.


It's pointless unless you have an algorithmic feed looking at those downvotes and using them to decide what to show to the user.

I don't want an algorithmic feed though, I want a programmable feed.

I'm not against downvotes that are shown to the user, but downvotes which are only shown to the robots are useless to me since I to avoid the robots manipulating my feeds.

In a stunning demonstration of exactly why is necessary, my have decided to start censoring my payments!

I'll be closing the account, obviously. Probably to re-open the dormant Revulot app.

I don't need my bank to tell me what to do with my money.


Bookmarked by pre@boing.world:
She Drew the Gun - Class War (Official Music Video) - YouTube

She Drew The Gun have a new recording - Class War. It's really great.


@TheoEsc @Stacky I was told the same, that they don't like that final period.

So I make sure to use it all the more. Even if I have to delete spaces earlier in the message to make it fit.

@jimgon It's like this week that the sort-by-date option disappeared on my linux/firefox combo.

Expect they'll delete it on Android/Firefox soon too.

I hope they make it worse and worse at this point. The worse it gets the better.

@jimgon They're still making it worse every day and there's like three months left of my exit plan.

As far as I can tell the chronological ordering is completely removed from web-interface now, only available on phone. They have changed the person-list page from a cronological list of the status updates of the people in the list into just a list-editing page. I guess it's just for controlling audience now.

The Occulus means I can't delete the account completely even when the exit plan is over. I wish they hadn't been allowed to buy it. I wish they'd get broken up.

Bookmarked: Edward Snowden calls for spyware trade ban amid Pegasus revelations | Edward Snowden | The Guardian

Pegasus is phone-tapping software, sold by private companies. Snowdon says:For traditional police operations to plant bugs or wiretap a suspect’s phone, law enforcement would need to “break into somebody’s house, or go to their car, or go to their office, and we’d like to think they’ll probably get a warrant”.But commercial spyware made it cost-efficient for targeted surveillance against vastly more people. “If they can do the same thing from a distance, with little cost and no risk, they begin to do it all the time, against everyone who’s even marginally of interest,”


Today is in the and we see an end to all pandemic restrictions. What's going on? What will happen? This week's reading tries to find out.



We find that the public was being compliant, happily following orders in the hope that by now we would have a new dawn, a bright future led by rational government using data not dates to determine appropriate pandemic control measures.

Instead we have an ideological leader, determined to follow the plan by faith, and by bloody minded adherence to plans.

This will lead to an abundance, which is to say too much. To much socializing, and abundance of viral spread.

The biggest obstacle we will face is our own leaders, focusing on the economy and on getting people back to work in stuffy offices, their focus on jobs and business and the economy.

So the outcome will be that we will need bravery and valour to face the risk adversity and difficulty without, any help from our ideological leaders.

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