@atomicpoet The exercise isn't supposed to persuade anyone, least of all your opponent in a debate/discussion.

Many readers may be influenced through, reading that sort of debate is how most of my opinions get formed.

I never read it.

Makes sense though. Once you have robots good enough to do the heavy lifting and reach things down from the top shelf, men are mostly superfluous really. Only need a handful of Chads and a milking machine.

There's something suss about the Seth Green story where he can't do his NFT show because someone stole his NFT.

It's not the possession of token's keys which gives him the right to use the image in the show. If he has that right at all then he still has it even if someone tricked the keys out of him.

Happy Toast did him a nice replacement though anyway.

"Its better because its got your hair and a glow in the dark tshirt, plus I can mail the full res one & avoid the blockchain environmental death stuff"


@mxtthxw I'd call that a successful experiment. You checked if life was better off of the drugs, found it wasn't, and so headed back to the best path.

Nice work :)

@ericireland @vidak @pie Everybody says they won't negotiate until the election, then after everyone with any leverage starts putting their chips on the table anyway.

@ericireland @pie I know the Honest Government Ads folks were hoping for a hung result and they seem like a good crowd so that seems optimistic.

@pie @ericireland
Hanging parliament can turn out to be good and exciting but the last time it happened here we ended up with terrible tory rule and Brexit.

Fingers crossed!

Preumably it won't go that way if the left can unite. Trouble is the left can never seem to unite.

Sounds like team lesser-evil did well at the and team greater-evil will have to take a back-seat for a while.

Well done Australia!

Hope the disappointment doesn't kick in too fast.

@a_lizard The UX designer cares no more about the user's needs than the farmer does about his cattle's needs.

Same energy.

They need to do enough to keep them alive until maturity, but thereafter herd them quickly towards the rotating blades.

@dhfir Dunno, I'm not an insider.

If you get one wrong they just give you another one, but then they give you another one for other reasons too.

Sometimes I have to do lots, sometimes none at all, but I try to normalize telling lies to internet forms and see how much I can get away with it.

@dhfir The more effectively you block google tracking, the more often you have to complete captchas.

Most of their "are you a human" metrics come from analysis of the trove of data they have from stalking you over the internet.

If their stalking works well, you don''t even see the checkbox.

If it works badly, you're teaching AI networks how to identify steps and traffic lights.

I try and throw in some misinformation to poison the well, they expect a level of human mistakes anyway so it's just extra proof I'm human if I train the AI that anything green is a traffic light.

@dhfir It could be built into your alarm-clock.

To activate snooze or stop the alarm: Prove you are a human.



But yeah. Couldn't do it if it became commonly known anyway.

Wondering about how to filter the bots on the internet.

Do spam bots actually post wordle scores?

Seems like if the account is posting a wordle score every week they're probably a human?

Everyone could post their captcha every morning as a message so we know if you're a bot or not.

They say there's blood in the streets but really that stimulus pump was so hard it'd take another 15% drop just to get the back to pre-covid levels. As though the pandemic, and subsequent supply shocks, and labour-force-long-covid, and energy-wars, and sanctions, and potential nuclear Armageddon, all didn't affect prices at all.

15% drop to get to that.

@mxtthxw @atomicpoet Electrification and digitization is probably the most important thing that happened to, well, everything at all in the last 100 years I expect.

Anything that actually got electrified and/or digitized anyway.

@atomicpoet Does that include samplers? If samplers are a type of synth then yeah.

Otherwise that digitize/record/replay function is way innovative.

@TheoEsc 👀
Didn't notice any sun-flickering here but I was indoors so... Good luck!

@bitcoinmagazine Sometimes I think he doesn't really know how to use Twitter.

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