The #360 version of my latest cartoon about the alien observers is live:

Took youtube several hours to process but the full 4k version is there now. Highest resolution thing I've ever uploaded.

My new is ready. I made it especially for you , it's only two minutes long.

Observers Episode Seven: Musk Social.

The aliens discover a planet where the means of communication is monopolised and manipulated by the establishment class.

It's about and

You can check it out here, either in normal flat-screen, or in 360 3d .

Morning all! It's been live 12 hours and my new #360 is still topical and relevant.

You should totally check it out!

There's a flat-screen cut too if you've not got a headset.

If you stare at this screenshot from today's and cross your eyes right you can see it in .


Pretty good day today.

Fixed the problems with my app

Optimized loads of things in my -fi system so now the keyframe-editing is usable even if there's thousands and thousands of keyframes. And thus was able to fixed a bunch of glitches in that V0.3 story.

Played lots of in vr, raiding a derelict space-freighter, exploring an underwater relic, flying around the galaxy, tending my base.

Fucking hell, that's quite an ad for the

If it really means "Quest2" I won't get to play it, coz I ain't buying another Facebook headset.

So I hope it secretly includes Quest1.

Here's the latest episode of my little VR cartoon about watching over the earth.

They're laughing at the silly fancy-dress apes fighting, but what are they fighting about?

The version exists here too:

Damn, rendering always takes so long.

Doing it in #360 is even crazier.

Then course it takes even longer if you gotta keep restarting it when it crashes in the middle of the night.


Hope it's going to be okay and not need fixing and re-rendering.


I now own a battery speaker that I could, say, put in a backback to go busking if that should ever be a thing I wanted.

I find that because of this I can also play/program my from the couch.

After this discovery, my productivity on other tasks for the weekend took a nose-dive.

I still managed to do a *couple* of hours of this weekend though.

I think draft-one of the car movements is done up to about 140 seconds.

That is the milestone when the first explosions happen.

They now happen as a result of the complex interleaving braid of cause an effect that these cars all trace through time, as they should. And one asshole impatient driver trying to overtake.

They also don't look *too* stupidly pointing-in-the-wrong-direction as they do so.

The tools I built to let me do that are working okay at last!

They work until I have to make the characters act inside a moving sports car anyway. There are definitely going to be more issues to solve there.

Till then: just more playing with VR toy-cars basically. That's supposed to be the fun part, so would hope for motivation to do more than three hours in a long weekend really.

Oh well.

skills levelled-up a bit at least.

🎵 This ain't no place for no hero, 🎵 this ain't no place for no better man, 🎵 this ain't no place for no hero, go home. 🎵

Loving this song in but hoping I can beat the level soon. I'm sweaty and exhausted and bullet-ridden and it has been quite a few times now and I'm getting drunker and less skilled each try.

Some might say "Try it on medium instead of hard" but those people are wimps that have dry headsets while mine is water-logged only with sweat instead of water.

I do get further now and then.

Deleted from my page.

Stepped up my no-facebook messaging.

Subscribe page ( ) now reads:

Mark Zuckerberg is a creep. All Facebook syndication is rescinded. I will no longer be posting my things to Facebook.

Facebook replace your friend's posts with adverts, shuffle them so you can't keep track, profile your confusion to divide you from your friends and sell what remains of your soul to advertisers and political manipulators.

I will no longer be a part of it, but if you must, then please do share my links.


I was just the other day wondering how long until gave me the chance to pay for some downloadable levels.

And then they give me a bunch of free ones.


That's the weekend blown.

Still my favourite game by a mile.

I will push this link until it reaches 100 views. That's the arbitrary pointless rules I set myself.

Go look at this I made so I don't have to post it again.

There's a version tool. It won't count towards the stupid arbitrary number, even though it's made for VR first.

It's about and and and the end of the

It's not even 100 views yet so you'll be the first to see it! It actually matters if you press "share" or not!

Observers episode 3 is done!

The are cataloguing the destruction of the when one man makes a break for it. Is he trying to escape? Can the humans survive even as they destroy their planet?

in flat and 360 3d versions

The game "swarm" is pretty good fun. Swinging around on grapple-hooks shooting at drones.

As I was playing I became aware that the door was ringing. Pizza arrived!

Not sure how long the door has been ringing for so I rush to remove my headset and go answer the door. Squeezing past the chair that's pushed into the doorway out of the room-scale play area.

That goes wrong somehow. I'm falling VR controllers still in hand. I try to land in such a way as to not damage the controllers. Twisting my finger, banging my knee.

I hobble back to my feet to let the pizza-guy in. Can barely walk to the door.

Ugh. That's going to be very bruising.

Cool though. A bit disorientating.

After an extremely exclusive premier, the next episode of my short "Observers" is out and you can watch it right now.

It's called "Short Squeeze" and the aliens look into and and finding earthlings to be quite hilarious.

Flat screen:

Or #360 :

Gorn the gladiator game is out on the Quest and it's great. Same as the Vive really.

Those gladiators injured me again though. Smashed my finger into the shelf. Luckily the controllers stood the smash.

Some people are saying my film was a bit preachy.

Damn right it's preachy, I am a preacher sworn to service! Hear my words brothers and sisters and praise be to the mission.

Just went through the French midnight with Jean Michelle Jarre in a concert. There was French people trying to talk to me but I was muted and don't speak french and had Jarre turned up over them anyway.

So that's a weird thing.

Still an hour to go here in London, but I already threw the confetti and watched the countdown.

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