After an extremely exclusive premier, the next episode of my short "Observers" is out and you can watch it right now.

It's called "Short Squeeze" and the aliens look into and and finding earthlings to be quite hilarious.

Flat screen:

Or #360 :

Gorn the gladiator game is out on the Quest and it's great. Same as the Vive really.

Those gladiators injured me again though. Smashed my finger into the shelf. Luckily the controllers stood the smash.

Some people are saying my film was a bit preachy.

Damn right it's preachy, I am a preacher sworn to service! Hear my words brothers and sisters and praise be to the mission.

Just went through the French midnight with Jean Michelle Jarre in a concert. There was French people trying to talk to me but I was muted and don't speak french and had Jarre turned up over them anyway.

So that's a weird thing.

Still an hour to go here in London, but I already threw the confetti and watched the countdown.

Been re-branding my old Tentacles things to be the new Starship things.

Now it's all about the

At this point if you aren't following these things then I assume it's coz you hate me and want THEM to win. on the web on youtube. on twitter on facebook on the fediverse

I can't do any more. I'm getting double vision. Instagram is just Facebook in a wig.

The new levels are proper difficult.

First couple of minutes are great though. Another great update. Expect by the end of the weekend I'll get to the second of the new levels.

There's been a lot of new players on Pistol Whip since the Quest2 was released. I've gone from like top-200 on most of the scoreboards to barely top-2000 while improving my scores.

Finished "Trover saves the universe", which was very sweary and sometimes funny and disgusting. Good dirty adult times.

The engines fire! And the landing gear works, and the internal doors, and the exit-ramp.

If you can do that thing where you uncross your eyes and stare through the screen then here's a 3d picture for you.