on worked simply and easily. Downloaded a .deb, "dpkg --install"ed it, ran the app and gave it to install more packages. (Twice, for some reason).

Then it just quit, but it worked properly next launch.

Selected and clicked "install", then when it had downloaded "Run".

"Not fully installed, some features missing"

Oh. 🤔

it wants to do the room-setup, so I need to pair a controller. Right-click the controller icon and "pair" from the menu....

Blank window. Oh. : 🤔

What was that about not fully installed? There's a log saying
"Error: getcap is required to complete the SteamVR setup."

getcap is in /sbin on Debian. Lets try linking it into /usr/bin

> sudo ln -s /sbin/getcap /usr/bin/
> sudo ln -s /sbin/setcap /usr/bin/

That stops the error at least. Now try SteamVR again...

Now it asks for SU again to complete setup.

Pairing controllers works now, though it gave a lying error saying "the controller timed out" even though the pairing worked fine.

But, it says it can't see the headset.

Unplug it all, re-plug it all. Restart SteamVR.

Now it's stuck in some sort of upgrade loop. Downloading an update to SteamVR, saying it's complete right away and then starting again.

Restart the whole of steam... It won't stop. Force-quit it.

Now the headset is tracking, but one controller isn't, and the room-setup window auto-closes as soon as it opens.

Exit. It has quit, but continues to dump errors to the console. "ps" shows a bunch of processes still running. They respawn when they are killed.

Oh man. Reboot....

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New computer day!

Haven't installed since last millennium. Wonder how that'll go? Easier or harder than on the other drive?

If you never see me again I failed to get it working.

I've ordered a

Cheap phone, runs which is on your mobile.

That is the degoogled OS I want.

Hope it's good.

They won't even ship it till next month.

I wonder if it'll get into the country now we've done a Brexit. Hope so. Postage was twice the cost of elsewhere in Europe certainly.


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