Man, I love . It moves so fast, they're working on it so hard all the time, I can't keep up. It free software and fairly bug-free and accepting improvements from all over the place.

Amazing project. It's a pleasure to use.

Here's the new features, or at least all the new ones that can be listed in five minutes.

I wonder how many of them I will ever use?


That feels pretty icky.

Hope it's just money flowing and nothing else.

Suppose in an ideal world I'd take all the money from Facebook and give it to the Blender Foundation.



The engines fire! And the landing gear works, and the internal doors, and the exit-ramp.

If you can do that thing where you uncross your eyes and stare through the screen then here's a 3d picture for you.

just gets more and more incredible. The releases are coming so fast. And you have to talk fast to say all the things in the new one in five minutes.

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