I now own a battery speaker that I could, say, put in a backback to go busking if that should ever be a thing I wanted.

I find that because of this I can also play/program my from the couch.

After this discovery, my productivity on other tasks for the weekend took a nose-dive.

I still managed to do a *couple* of hours of this weekend though.

I think draft-one of the car movements is done up to about 140 seconds.

That is the milestone when the first explosions happen.

They now happen as a result of the complex interleaving braid of cause an effect that these cars all trace through time, as they should. And one asshole impatient driver trying to overtake.

They also don't look *too* stupidly pointing-in-the-wrong-direction as they do so.

The tools I built to let me do that are working okay at last!

They work until I have to make the characters act inside a moving sports car anyway. There are definitely going to be more issues to solve there.

Till then: just more playing with VR toy-cars basically. That's supposed to be the fun part, so would hope for motivation to do more than three hours in a long weekend really.

Oh well.

skills levelled-up a bit at least.

After an extremely exclusive premier, the next episode of my short "Observers" is out and you can watch it right now.

It's called "Short Squeeze" and the aliens look into and and finding earthlings to be quite hilarious.

Flat screen:

Or #360 :