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Had a pretty slackfull year all in all. I know done folks went through hell, but I mostly sat on my arse even more than usual.

Here's to the end of it anyway.

So that's it then.

Brexit, now Labour Approved!

Ayes: 521
Noes: 73

Merry everyone.

I built my robot squid companion early in lock down, and she has been an annoyance ever since.

She's mostly a cookoo clock, with a Bitcoin price ticker.

She regularly frightens the hell out of me.

The first to remind me it's xmas, and obey the instruction to wish me well.

Yesterday all her lava lamp bulbs blew all at once, so they are dark here tonight.

I've been doing constructive things, though not the ones I should be doing.

Love y'all.

My campaign to replace the Queen with a robot gained momentum today with this sophisticated digital mock-up.

Remember: A robot queen could have a waving function, and a ribbon-cutting ability, plus as a bonus it could be programmed to breathe fire at it's enemies.

How could such a magnificent and majestic creation fail to unite the country and improve Britain's place in the world?


Well, your majesty, first we must negotiate.....


Okay, okay, he's your damn trade deal. Hey, vice-president, help me put the curtrains out.

Elon Musk getting advice to buy billions of dollars worth of BTC and apparently thinking about it.

If you think all my rebranding and account-management and the new website at is because there was a new Starship Schrödinger's Destiny cartoon due soon you'd only be half right.

V0.3 is more than I can chew. It is still *ages* away. I am going insane.

But the side project? The side-story?

Oh, that's coming.


It it wise to use the Tarot to make business decisions on the tarot business? Let's do it anyway:

In this week's show we ask if the Boosts over the last month were worth it and if we should continue ?

The cards say "no", so it's up to you folks and the power of love to subscribe and like and share etc instead ;)

We leave the institution formed to keep the peace in Europe, and less than a year later it's "Send in the gunboats"


I suspect that no photo-shoot I have ever done had a photographer aware of the proportions of this image.

It's a weird one and always seem to require an actually new image not just a rearrangement of the elements of existing promo shot.

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Highest monthly close ever. A full 40% above the previous highest monthly close.

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New all time price high on Bitstamp.

Coinbase not quit hit new highs yet though.

Wow, that dress with that background.

She's saying good things, but all I can think about is that dress with that background.

Hadn't seen the headline she's ranting about. She reckons black-hole-information-loss is unsolvable in the sense that you can't do a measurement to check rather than in the sense that you can solve the math. There's many solutions to the math. But you can't check which is right.

approaching a new high again.

Price-charts see so many ascending triangles with horizontal lines of tops that you start to expect that bounce back down at the prior high.

But will it happen?

In the era after the first halvening, there was no sign of a pullback after passing all time high at all.

The second era, after the second halvening, there was a pull back. Of about 20 or 30%. Twice.

But they lasted just a couple of weeks.

Interested to see what will happen as we reach all-time-high in the era after the third halvening.

Seems likely it'll either just zoom right on up or else fall back 20% and then zoom right on up.

So I'm long, obviously, with low enough margin that I can stand a 50% pullback.

Don't worry though, we have strategic oil reserves and who needs strategic food reserves anyway? You can just eat oil!

For weeks, every bottle of juice or squash I empty, I wash out and immediately fill with cider. I'd open the taps every morning to let out the built-up gas, but the gas is mostly in the second-lining somehow, and the bags are heavy and can't be easily manipulated. If it's possible to bubble the gas towards the tap somehow then I can't figure out how.

But it still wasn't enough and these things were clearly going to burst.

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The bag is busting out of the box, and its fluid and sloshing and it might fall to the floor, so I have to kind of tape it into the box.

I drain what I can into the flagons that I happen to have stored. But the gas in these bags is way more volumous than the cider I'm drinking, and the bags in all three are expanding more quickly than I can drink.

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Until it wakes me up one morning.

Strong dry cloudy scrumpy cider is a living thing, it breathes, and the bag inside the box has some kind of double-lining presumably to account for this. And the outer one is swelling. The bag is expanding, and the box is stretching, and the tape holding the box closed is losing it's grip.

Making it click, click, click, every few seconds. Threatening to burst.

Fearing it might explode, or leak, I move them away from all electrical equipment.

I open the most noisy box to give it room to expand.

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You may soon see court-cases trying to judge whether statistical fluctuations in the flow of votes through the ballot-counting system are high-probability or low-probability distributions and if that is evidence of fraud.

I am not confident court generally understand mathematics.

Try to keep XKCD882 in mind.

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