Was talking to my dad earlier and stock prices came up. He last paid any attention to the UK markets around the time of the dotcom crash.

The price today is basically the same as it was the last time he noticed it 20 years ago.

But I knew the American markets are up like 2x, 3x in that time.

Wonder what caused the difference.

You can write any old labels on a graph of course, but these seem to be the points where the graphs differ.

Guess you gotta hope your pension wasn't invested too heavily in Britain the last 20 years either way.

I wonder how much of that is a US bubble.

My homepage at dalliance.net got a bit of an upgrade today too, listing all my projects better with more images.

Been working on the Starship SD website, getting it ready for the next cartoon and the casting-call about to come.

Temporary thumbnail exists.

Yes, there will be a sports-car in a car-chase.

New Characters-list page exists [ starshipsd.com/characters/ ] to point prospective voice-actors at.

I'm well tired. Gnight Fediverse.

Lots of politicians seem to have flags in their homes for some reason these days.

Ten points to the first one with this flag.

Women being murdered on our streets this month, and police resources here are deployed overnight to ensure a statue of a dead man goes unmolested.

I didn't watch any of it, but it seems fast that it's happened already. I'm sure it'd take months and possibly years for the UK to get some kind of enquiry going.

Unusual efficiency in governance.

Oh, yes. Well done Patch Friday.

I refused to give my robot vaccuum cleaner my wifi password.

Folks not in the uk! You can now buy my word cloud tarot decks too!

International orders accepted.

These are the easiest tarot cards to use or learn with because the meanings of the cards are written onto the face of each one in a word cloud.

They're also glossy and black and beautiful with aliens on them.


After an extremely exclusive premier, the next episode of my short "Observers" is out and you can watch it right now.

It's called "Short Squeeze" and the aliens look into and and finding earthlings to be quite hilarious.

Flat screen:

Or #360 :

Scott Alexander is back posting again. Now on a Substack.

That means I have to finally decide how much money he deserves once I sober up I suppose!

I'm pressing subscribe regardless and so should you.

That old indo-european word "ṛta" ends up meaning a lot of things after it splits and split and splits and splits meaning eh?

From Scott:
"The top and bottom chess sets in this picture are exactly the same color [...] "a slightly different context can confuse our brains so completely that we mistake white for black and vice versa. I believe the same laws of thought apply in the frontal lobe as in the visual cortex. The same forces that transform gray chess sets to white or black, outside our conscious control or comprehension, influence how we think about policies, coalitions, and principles, making them appear self-evidently good or viciously evil. I think this is the century where we'll either learn to understand and deal with our cognitive biases, or else all kill each other."

Amazing. Welcome back Scott.


The other place is full of pictures of food-parcels for which the tax-payer paid 30 quid.

A week's food for a kid off school.

They say we can't just pay parents directly coz they might waste some of it on beer and drugs and hookers, presumably instead of spending it on donations to the conservative party and storing it in tax havens.

I suspect that contracting companies on a "of course, don't forget to skim some off as profit for your shareholders" basis may not be a great way to distribute aid.

Maybe just directly pay people a salary to do a thing instead of fucking privatising everything so the can get it's cut.

In eighteen hours at noon GMT on Saturday the 9th of January the first episode of my new cartoon "Observers" will premier.

You are not going to want to miss this!


Finally seem to be convincing some people to uninstall Whatsapp.

I'm not gonna agree to the new T&Cs so those group-threads will be without me unless everyone else switches to too.

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