Done. It's installed.

I have bash and Firefox, so I can at least definitely do my job on Monday.

But next I want to fill the left over space with a zfs pool, and move home there.

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British English in London time zone please.

When picking a keyboard layout debian is doing something I couldn't do in win: let me type to test if it's right .

200 gig ext4 for root, a hundred gig for swap

We'll call the rest exfat for now but the intention is zfs later.

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There she is! Hello debian. Interesting choice to put the main monitor on the opposite one to the boot loader.

You see that drive labelled "boot", I hope to install you on there.

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Dunno why it wouldn't boot the net installer. Probably burned it wrong or something. Nothing else would boot it either.

We have booted a xfce live installer though. Speech synthesis installers too now.

Shall I try the live? Don't think I've tried a live debian installer before.

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Needed a shell to fetch my passwords from my unix machines so installed git for git bash.

Graphics drivers seem to have installed okay. Reboot required again though. Seemed a very quick reboot but wasn't paying much attention. Hopefully there was a moment I could press an f key to boot from another drive or the duel boot to Linux could be tricky.

Changed graphics setting: nvidia control panel / manage 3d / power management = Max performance. We don't need do save battery with this machine.

Apparently I need to "activate" windows before I can pick a dark theme. And I guess my old motherboards licence key ain't gonna cut it.

No free upgrade for me :(

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Next is an error. Can't sign into one drive.

Well, yeah, I don't have a one drive account so far as I know and don't trust ms with my files. Guess I'll see this error every boot then? Nice.

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Day two of trying to install windows.

People online say that error might indicate bad ram or a bad install disk.

So I removed most of the ram and tried this sd card reader that I have to hold together with an elastic band.

And we have some success.

Dunno if it's the ram or install disk that's questionable now though. Poor scientific method changing both at once.

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Is this further, or less far? I've unplugged everything except the install USB key, the keyboard.

Usually I take the approach that I should have everything plugged in at install coz it'll probably get scanned and auto installed.

I guess it's not like that in windows land.

At least this time it's saying what type of device it can't grok: media.


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Nope. No new drivers found.

Sure would be good to know which device it is talking about. Oo ee.

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Sure would be good to know which device it wanted drivers for. There seems to be quite a list.

Doesn't seem to be any kind of select-all. "chipset" gives me a list of windows 10 drivers (will they work)?


WiFi? Wifi are notoriously bad in Linux world coz so many are none free.


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It says no device drivers where found.

Doesn't say what device it's talking about.

I unplugged all the vr stuff and tried again.


Graphics drivers probably? Am I supposed to download graphics drivers with my phone now?

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Just kidding of course. I've got my phone.

It is built!

But it is empty. I have a windows 11 iso on a memory stick.

Let's see how it goes.

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New computer day!

Haven't installed since last millennium. Wonder how that'll go? Easier or harder than on the other drive?

If you never see me again I failed to get it working.

Oh God. It's happening again. What on earth is this now?

What "device" do they mean the keyboard that isn't working or the one that is? Or do they mean the computer itself?

That all sounds either awful or I already do it. Why is there no cancel button. I don't want any of that.

Went to a ! It was great! First in ages.

She Drew The Gun are rocking and political and right on.

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