330 million people in the United States Of America, and the political system has decided these are the absolute best two among them for being leader.

Does this suggest the system is working perfectly?

Civil violence is unlikely to make it better so I hope y'all find a way that will.

The engines fire! And the landing gear works, and the internal doors, and the exit-ramp.

If you can do that thing where you uncross your eyes and stare through the screen then here's a 3d picture for you.

Been actually making a starship for my VR starship project for a change. That's nice.

Here's the two aliens in their observer-pod orbiting the earth. They will star in a short film soon.

Feel a bit jealous of The Prisoner.

His complaint about being the number "7" seems simple compared to mine at being "+44 7739 XXX XXX".

The Hodge and Podge are the two sides of the Universe: the Hodge being Disorderly and Eristic, and the Podge being orderly and Aneristic. They are represented in the Sacred Chao, in which a pentagon signifies the Podge and a Golden Apple the Hodge, and are in constant turmoil; although one side can occasionally gain a temporary victory, neither will ever defeat the other. Thus in history, the Hodge constantly overpowers the Podge, and the Podge then responds and overpowers the Hodge in its turn.

The spelling errors in the Telegraph are getting crazy. Here they mis-spell "Brexit" as "EU".

Amazing pictures in the New England Journal Of Medicine of a the CoV2 virus matted around the ciliated strands of a lung-cell in a lab.

I think that "Virus production was approximately 3×10^6 plaque-forming units per culture" means that every virus-infected cell made three million new viruses? Maybe.

Happy Toast's work. I've been wondering how come riots in Trumps America can be blamed on some other candidate.