I left the flat! Went to see this interactive theatre Doctor Who show thing.

It was great.

Guided between rooms and sliding across time and space to see these live-acted skits between the doctor's monsters. Video stuff from all the doc's faces and voices. Even the dead ones somehow.

Feels like an individual could only possibly see about a third of it. Always missing things in the other rooms.

The Doctor told me not to talk about it but that'd be an awful media strategy for a show so I guess she just meant no spoilers.

Liked Peter Brooke's cartoon in the Times today. The way our government treats refugees is awful.

New eyes for my lightning node slash lights controller. Replaced broken loudspeaker bulb that makes the squidy head too. And making the screen show lightning balance.

The July digest is here!

Read all the things you read last month again, in case you weren't paying proper attention the first time.

Including: new subscribe-by-email-list!


Maybe I'm a robot. Maybe this is what it feels like to be a robot. You can see that there is a place for a checkbox to say you're not a robot, but the checkbox just isn't there. Like the .

Our quite-probably final online gig is tomorrow, 7pm BST on Sat 12th June.

Four different musicians, four different houses, performing live together doing mostly pop and punk covers.

Come watch


Oh, it's only 22 days until my in which we'll play and and do it from four different rooms across London.

Join us at watch.handsomejacks.co.uk on 12th June, 19:00 BST.

I haven't seen anybody else doing this at all. We're proper live online playing stuff remotely from each other.

It even works most of the time. Okay, not tonight in practice, but it'll be alright on the night! For sures! Probably.

Event page:


"Preacher" is the best TV I've seen in years and I watch a lot of TV.

Terrible powers, terrible people, cartoon violence, metaphysical themes with comicbook framing and cowboy aesthetic.

I hardly ever write more than a 4* in my TV diary but this show is 5* almost every episode.


Was talking to my dad earlier and stock prices came up. He last paid any attention to the UK markets around the time of the dotcom crash.

The price today is basically the same as it was the last time he noticed it 20 years ago.

But I knew the American markets are up like 2x, 3x in that time.

Wonder what caused the difference.

You can write any old labels on a graph of course, but these seem to be the points where the graphs differ.

Guess you gotta hope your pension wasn't invested too heavily in Britain the last 20 years either way.

I wonder how much of that is a US bubble.

My homepage at dalliance.net got a bit of an upgrade today too, listing all my projects better with more images.

Been working on the Starship SD website, getting it ready for the next cartoon and the casting-call about to come.

Temporary thumbnail exists.

Yes, there will be a sports-car in a car-chase.

New Characters-list page exists [ starshipsd.com/characters/ ] to point prospective voice-actors at.

I'm well tired. Gnight Fediverse.

Lots of politicians seem to have flags in their homes for some reason these days.

Ten points to the first one with this flag.

Women being murdered on our streets this month, and police resources here are deployed overnight to ensure a statue of a dead man goes unmolested.

I didn't watch any of it, but it seems fast that it's happened already. I'm sure it'd take months and possibly years for the UK to get some kind of enquiry going.

Unusual efficiency in governance.

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