The zoomers I know are really smart and tolerant and woke and right-on and if they finally get to outnumber their elders they'll do a way better job of running the world.

My samples are inevitably incredibly biased, and tiny. If you know more than a classroom full you know better than me. So I dunno. Tell me if I'm wrong.

I don't think they'll get the chance to fix the world though, because wealth becomes entrenched, and existential risks accrue, and the low birth rate means in the wealthy countries the old will outnumber the young.

And then the super-intelligence will likely just kill everyone before the century is out, even if the ice caps can be held at bay and the oil crisis doesn't result in nuclear war.

If we stay a democracy, we become a gerontocracy, while having an inverted pyramid in age distribution.

None of that ends well.

Fingers crossed for moores law frankly, because if we don't get continual exponential growth we do actually all die.

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