I once had a dream like this. A ball game played by players attached to helium balloons in balance so flapping wings could make you fly around the warehouse pitch.

Upon waking i calculated the needed amount of helium and figured the game impossible coz the balloons would be too big.

And i think that's true still. Couldn't really play a ball game with balloons this big.

Would still be a cool time though. Flapping about. Perhaps one day the ball game can be played with smaller balloons on the moon.

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@pre you'd need an atmosphere for either balloons or flapping to work... but pogo sticks would be AWESOME if we could find hard surfaces. Or maybe with wide "feet".

@kauer yeah, indoors with an atmosphere on the moon of course.

@pre On the moon... Good joke! Subtle. I like it.

Great link though. Flying like that looks like a blast!

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