Meanwhile: in Ethereum land.

They reckon Eth2's testing is nearing completion, and that the switch to proof-of-stake and so conversion of all Eth1 tokens into Eth2 tokens may happen before the end of the month. Quite soon!

That'll be the most contentious upgrade since the "upgrade" to undo the hack that made EthClassic split off.

I wonder if there will be an Eth-Proof-Of-Work split? Will the miners just de-fuse the difficulty-bomb themselves, and keep on mining an alt-chain?

Most likely not. It's harder for the Eth miners to assert control than the Bitcoin miners. The "One True Eth Chain" is already not really determined by whichever chain has the most work: It's determined by whichever chain all those centralized stable-coin corporations accepts as genuine.

Your Tether is irredeemable unless Tether Inc agree with you about which chain counts.

And even the bitcoin miners failed to force a block-size increase.

Miners aren't that powerful under proof of work it turns out. I think that's part of the point. If they were powerful like proof-of-stake stakers, and redeemable-dollar-tokens-creators, they would control the network instead of the users controlling the network.

So I don't expect a chain-split of any consequence really, because Eth is already a massively centralized world in which the rich determine the rules, just like everywhere else.

There might be bugs though. If you wanna hold Eth through it and expect it to be definitely not lost on the wrong chain by some other idiot's mistake, best keep it managed by your own private keys, in a wallet you and only you know the seed-words for.

But that's always the case.

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@pre I imagine ever hacker on planet earth attacking it, be interesting to watch....

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