When you try and open the boot of the car I'm renting this week, it will unlock automatically if the key is nearby.

Which is confusing and makes me nervous because I like to check if a door is locked before I walk away, and if you try the door to check if the boot is locked then it automatically unlocks itself.

I hate it.

There's no way to test if the boot is locked or not short of taking the keys far enough away that they can't talk to the car and then leaving them there while trying the door.

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@pre I never understood why "keyless" systems should be cool, but then again I also like old skool handbrakes.

@tri I got used to the button for a parking-brake. It is nice that this means it can automatically unlock as you accelerate away. One less thing to think about on a hill start.

Hated it to start with though.

@pre You don't do "Chicago parking" then, do you? 😉


Probably not. I dunno what that is.

I aim for slackful safety and no rush.

This thing looks ridiculous though.

@pre I guess it's just a local German slang for using your handbrake for sliding into a parking lot, especially on snow or ice. Nobody really does it.

@tri Oh, I've seen that in the movies. My parking skills are, um, not great. That kinda thing would be way beyond my abilities. I can barely reverse into a spot.

I have been in a car when the driver was doing handbrake turns in the car-park. Wish he'd had a button break that would have stopped him doing that to us. Wanker.

@pre on my car it’s the same lock as the doors, so I just try a door.

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