Priti Patel will not be happy until she has deported every single person in the UK and stands alone on these isles.

Today she's decided to send a Journalist to America for explicitly political reasons, to punish him for exposing the war crimes of the UK and it's allies.

All journalists should be afraid now that they can be extradited to the jurisdiction of the government whose crimes they expose, and put in jail until they die.

🤞 for the appeal.

On the radio, seems to think that released unredacted cables but in fact David Leigh and Luke Harding published the keys to the encrypted cache of cables in their book "WikiLeaks: Inside Julian Assange's War on Secrecy"

Releasing those cables was not Assage's decision.


The number of people calling in saying some variation of "He's a bit of a dick, so he should do some jail time, but he's done enough now" is gob-smacking.

The shit-talking you're doing about him, true or false, isn't the reason he is in jail, and the things he is in jail for are politically motivated bullshit.

Fucks sake.

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