Usually I'm the kinda guy who'd be well up for destroying the monarchy as soon as possible.

If there's any point in the monarchy at all it would be right now with this frankly shocking plan that it would rise up and terminate the unlawful illegitimate inhuman policy to traffic the most desperate people in the country to some new dangerous location.

I have never been more ashamed of my country than I am under Johnson's pathetic racist pandering.

So I'm with Charles for a change.

What a bunch of cunts we have in charge.


And what a wanker that Nigel Farage is. Normally he's an obsequious crawling toad towards the Monarchy but as soon as they're against his racism and evil deportation he's willing to speak up.

I wish we would deport Farage to Rwanda.

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@pre Even if we did, it would be too little, too late. Nothing he does now can do as much damage as he's already done.

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