Just a reminder that Twitter perceives the Fediverse as a threat, and their project Blue Sky is actively spreading FUD about ActivityPub on their website. blueskyweb.xyz/blog/3-6-2022-a

@atomicpoet I don't understand the: don't use the fediverse because it's not perfect people. Twitter is far from perfect, and still hasn't figured out all the issues that come from scaling. Just because we don't see the #failwhale, it doesn't mean there aren't issues with their operations at scale.

@webhat @atomicpoet
One of my lot stormed off back to Twitter outraged that there's no quote-toot function.


Guess some people care about the control and ownership of the world's communication networks and others care about how easily a link can be embedded.

@pre @atomicpoet the silly thing is that quote tweeting works in some clients, if they think it's important they should use those clients 🤦



@webhat @atomicpoet

Yeah, I think in the end people just don't like change of any kind so they come in looking for any reasons they can find to leave again, then they don't have to learn or change anything but can say they tried.

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